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Swiss: No more citizenship to refugees on welfare

Asylum seekers and migrants who have received welfare over the past three years will no longer be granted citizenship in Switzerland – unless they pay the state back.

By – Michael F. Haverluck 

Regardless of whether or not Muslim refugees living off government handouts have been permanent residents in Switzerland during the time needed to apply for citizenship, it will not be possible for them to become official Swiss citizens without returning the money.

Give back, don’t just take

The enforcement of a new Swiss civil rights act is cracking down on the European nation’s refugee crisis that has been draining state funds for years.

“The previous law allowed migrants to apply for citizenship as long as they were not on state benefits at the time of their application.

Besides working to save Swiss taxpayers money, the new regulations are geared to deter Muslim refugees from isolating themselves in enclaves while making no attempts to assimilate to Swiss culture.

“Along with the welfare stipulation, the new act requires migrants to demonstrate a greater level of integration than before – including making them prove they have a certain number of Swiss friends and acquaintances,” Breitbart’s Chris Tomlinson explained. “Language requirements vary by canton, with most expecting an intermediate level of language proficiency judged on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) …”

Cracking down on fake IDs

The flood of immigrants into Switzerland has overwhelmed the Swiss government, which admitted that it has no clue about the true identities of a whopping 90 percent of asylum seekers entering the nation.

The startling admission of the state’s ignorance was made after Swiss People’s Party politician Barbara Steinemann forced the government to concede that no form of ID was provided by up to 96 percent of underage asylum seekers, according to a report published by the Swiss daily Basler Zeitung.

With Switzerland’s modest population of just 8.3 million, the number of immigrants it has absorbed over the past decade is startling.

“[Swiss national councillor Simonetta] Sommaruga [reported that] between January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2016, Switzerland saw a total of 151,300 asylum seekers register in the country under false identities,” “Sommaruga said that some of the blame falls under the fact that names in Arabic can be spelt differently, making it look like there were multiple people whilst there was just one individual. Whilst she downplayed the idea of asylum seekers purposely using fake identities, there is nothing in Swiss law to prosecute or bring criminal charges against asylum seekers using fake names.”

Despite the fact that most Muslims entering the Alpine country refuse to cooperate with government officials when seeking free handouts, this did not deter them from welcoming the migrants with open arms – and pocketbooks.

“When Steinman asked how many asylum seekers with fake identities had achieved asylum, Sommaruga said that only asylum seekers with confirmed identities received full asylum – though 60,573 were given temporary permits,” the British daily noted.

This has been a trend over the years that the recent legislation is seeking to remedy.

“In 2015, Switzerland saw 77 per cent of migrants arrive without papers, and in 2016, the figure jumped to 81 percent,” Breitbart London’s Chris Tomlinson informed. “When asked how many of the cases had been resolved and the migrants identified, Sommaruga said in 2015, only 4,091 were identified out of 39,523 and in 2016, only 2,706 migrants out of 27,207.”

European refugee invasion

Switzerland is not alone in its bombardment of Muslim refugees milking the system and infiltrating its neighborhoods.

“Migrants – especially underage migrants – entering Europe without papers has become the norm in many countries,” Tomlinson added. “In Germany, an estimated 80 percent of migrants have come into the country without identification – many claiming to be underage.”

Many Muslim migrants have actively set out to exploit the liberal immigration policies set forth by the European Union, but they have also discovered ways to take advantage of Switzerland’s relatively lax policies outside of the EU, as well.

“While Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, asylum seekers have attempted to flood into the country through the southern Italian border,” Breitbart News explained Wednesday. “While many have used Switzerland as a transit country to reach Germany, others have remained in the Alpine state.”

As time goes on, more and more Swiss are getting fed up with immigrants exploiting their country’s welfare system.

Switzerland prepares for a wave of migration

“Various cantons and cities in Switzerland have attempted to push back against the tide of migrants by making it less appealing for them to come to the country,” the report continued. “Late last year, the city of Zurich voted to dramatically cut benefits to failed asylum seekers who were in so-called ‘F-status’ – in which they cannot be deported.”

Not wanting to be No. 1

Even though Switzerland is not a part of the EU, it only trails three member states when it comes to the ratio between refugees and total population.

“In Europe, Switzerland ranks fourth in the number of refugees they accept per capita,” the Borgen Project announced. “Given their leniency, the closure of the Balkan countries’ border has led to a rapid increase of refugees in Switzerland. The sudden rise in the refugee population has led to controversy over the Asylum Act and the Foreign Nationals Act.”

Now, just like the United States and its need for a border wall to curb illegal immigration, Switzerland has problems with illegal aliens of their own.

“The closure of the popular migration route via the Balkans border on March 9, 2016, led to a rapid increase in the number of refugees in Switzerland as they immigrated to Germany,” the Borgen Project’s Haley Hurttpointed out. “Refugees have been entering Switzerland through Ticino, and a report estimates there are 5,760 illegal residents in this region.”

Liberal laws passed earlier by Swiss legislators are responsible for the hard times in which Switzerland’s natives currently find themselves.

“Switzerland’s Asylum Act grants ‘recognized refugees’ asylum, temporary protection if needed, public social assistance and the ability to become a permanent resident after having resided in the country for 10 years,” Hurtt recounted. “Refugees in Switzerland granted the B permit are noted as ‘recognized refugees,’ defined as people who ‘in their native country or in their country of the last residence are subject to serious disadvantages or have a well-founded fear of being exposed to such disadvantages.’”

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