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Sweden’s Government Censorship

Swedish Media Websites Ends Online Comments

In recent months, all Swedish main-stream media have simultaneously removed comment sections from their websites, thereby silencing the voice of the people. What could have possibly caused this “coincidence” on such a broad scale?

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I’m an American who has been living in Sweden for over 18 years.  When I first moved here, the culture was as homogeneous as milk. Back then, in a city of 125,000 people, I could go for weeks without seeing a single non-white person.  This is not hyperbole; virtually everyone was a blonde, blue-eyed Swede.

Back then, I was easily spotted as an outsider–even though I’m white–because I didn’t carry myself like a Swede. Fast forward to 2017, and this once traditional Swedish city is unrecognizable. The streets are swarming with refugees. Beggars have taken permanent residence in front of every grocery store, even in the suburbs. Crime is on the rise, and there have even been bombings down town.  Even at this very moment, there is a newsflash about Street Attack Against Police in Malmö , Europe’s terrorist-training capital.

The police are reporting that it’s “merely gang violence.”  But the Swedish police, like other countries in Europe, have been instructed not to report ethnicity of the criminals anymore because they don’t want to play into the hands of the “extreme” right.  For example, just as the German police tried to cover up the gang rapes on New Year’s Eve, the Swedish police tried to cover up sexual assault committed by refugees at the We Are Stockholm festival.

This is a sore point. Sometimes we dare not say it like it is because we believe that it plays int the hands of the Sweden Democrats.

– Swedish Police Chief Peter Agren.

Changing Tides

Politically, I was very much an outsider in Sweden when I first moved here. I spent a lot of time commenting on Swedish MSM web sites.  Rarely did anyone agree with my anarcho-capitalist ideas, and I was often censored for even the most unprovocative comments.

About 2 years ago, however, there was a change of attitude in the comments of main-stream Swedish websites. Almost over night, I went from being a lone outpost, to being the voice of the majority. Every day I noted that there were more and more comments that could’ve been written by me.

People were questioning the motives of the central banks, of the EU and the main-stream agenda.  This might sound rather tame if you’ve already taken the red pill, but this was a a profound change in the Swedish mentality, considering that average Swede used to worship the government unquestionably.

In the begging of this change, the comments focused on economics, the injustices of the welfare state, the hypocrisy of government etc. But in the last year or so, the majority of the comments shifted to anti-immigration sentiments.  Swedes, like much of the West, are fed up with having refugees forced upon them by the globalist elite.

At first, the media outlets disabled comments on articles about crime and refugees, but then the anti-refugee comments spilled over to other articles.  In the end, no matter what the subject of the article was, the comments morphed into rage against forced immigration.

Simultaneous Censorship

Around February 2016, the comment sections of one of Sweden’s largest economic sites, Dagens Industri, experienced “technical difficulties.”  Old comments remained on the site, but new comments could not be posted due to these “technical difficulties.”

The problem persisted for a couple months, if I remember correctly.  Then one day, the comments disappeared altogether across the entire site.  Image that.  A quick glance at other MSM sites in Sweden reveals that all of the major Swedish MSM websites have removed their comment sections:

I did find one site that still has some comments: Sydsvenskan. But judging by the lack of comments, it’s probably highly censored.  Note also that comments are disabled, for example, on this article about yet another bombing in another Swedish city.

What Next?

So what happens next, when people are no longer allowed to express their opinions and debate in open forums?  Will the Swedes continue to bend over and take it, or will the viking spirit return?

December 01, 2017

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