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The Swedish Transport Administration warns of al-Qaeda’s new targets – rail traffic

Terrorist group al-Qaeda published a detailed guide on how to trace trains this week. Aftonbladet has received an email sent by the Swedish Transport Administration to, inter alia, SJ and MTR, where personnel are advised to pay attention to “track jumping” and foreign objects.

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“These are recommendations to commit terror attacks where you do not have to blow yourself, which may appeal to more groups,” said Mikael Tofvesson, at the Authority for Social Protection and Preparedness, to Aftonbladet.

This week, the Islamic Territory Network al-Qaeda published a number of its publication Inspire, for the first time in almost a year.

On the cover, a train runs over sparkling toe fence. The number focuses on rail traffic and infrastructure. The publication contains a detailed guide on how to sabotage rails to cause train traces. The Al-Qaida terrorist group calls for attacks on both rail and train stations. Such attacks create great fear in society and are catastrophic to the economy, one writes.

No targeted threat to Sweden

Terrorist group al-Qaeda calls in particular for attacks against the United States, France, Britain and Russia, and does not target any specific threat to Sweden.

The Swedish Transport Administration confirms for Aftonbladet that the authority has been informed of al-Qaeda’s publication.

– MSB had an information session on Wednesday. It has been captured that al-Qaeda in a publication described something about how to carry out attacks on infrastructure, “said Bengt Olsson, press officer at the Swedish Transport Administration.

The Swedish Transport Administration is warning the industry

In an email that Aftonbladet has informed, Trafikverket informs railway companies, such as SJ and MTR, and other rail network contractors about al-Qaeda’s call for sabotage.

The Swedish National Transport Administration’s National Emergency Planning Officer writes that the calls are directed primarily at the United States and France, but that “it can not be ruled out that the requests can be heard by followers in Sweden.”

It is written that the methods described in the online newspaper are analyzed by tracing experts at the Swedish Transport Administration, and “is such that the risks can not be dismissed.”

Bengt Olsson, Press Manager at Trafikverket, knows the message but wants to tear down the fear that Sweden would be exposed to any direct threat.

“Our security department spoke with Säpo on Thursday, which states that the threat image is as before, it has not changed. I think it might be a bit wise to get out of this, because it often starts more unnecessary demands than what really was the idea, “says Bengt Olsson, Press Manager at the Swedish Transport Administration.

The locomotives are “Traffic Authority’s eyes”

In the message, staff of railway companies and maintenance contractors are called for “increased attention to track jumping and foreign objects in the track environment.”

“The whole industry knows that you should always be vigilant. We have very close dialogues with mainly locomotive drivers on the railway companies. They become our eyes in this context. We also have surveillance technology to make sure nobody finds something with the tracks, “says Bengt Olsson.

Mikael Tofvesson, Head of Unit for Operations and Preparedness for MSB, was the one who decided to inform the Swedish Transport Administration and several other authorities about the al-Qaeda publication.

“I thought we should inform the other authorities that we have seen this deviation, after al-Qaeda has been silent for a year. They have gone out with a newspaper focusing on critical infrastructure, with very detailed descriptions of how to train trains and how to get maximum impact, says Mikael Tofvesson.

MSB: It’s a new typing goal

Trying to commit terrorist attacks by sabotaging railroad tracks is a new type of threat, according to the world analyst.

“Now it’s a recommendation to commit terrorist attacks where you do not have to blow yourself. We also think that an interesting factor is that you do not have to die for their cause. It may appeal to more groups than before, “said Mikael Tofvesson at the Civil Protection and Emergency Agency.

The Islamic terrorist network of al-Qaeda’s propaganda is about to create fear by pointing out targets where many people can suffer – but also to urge important social functions, according to Mikael Tofvesson.

“That’s what strikes most people, the fear of self-infliction. So it’s not really much new, except this is a new typing goal, “says Mikael Tofvesson, Head of Unit for Operations and Preparedness for MSB.

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