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Swedenstan: Immigration lead to “serious adverse environmental impacts”

Swedenstan: Immigration lead to “serious adverse environmental impacts”

Immigration has significant consequences in society, not in the least high economic costs. However, an impact that has not been taken into account previously is the environmental impact. This is from a series of studies conducted by Swedish researchers and professors at SvD Debatt. 

By – Brünnhilde

They believe that the high immigration rate that Sweden has experienced in recent years will cause serious negative environmental effects.

The environmental party is one of Sweden’s most immigrant liberal parties, despite the fact that increased immigration is having negative impacts upon the environment. More than many might think.

Environmental reasons call for a much more limited immigration policy, according to several Swedish researchers and professors in an article on SvD Debatt.

According to the article, previous research has not taken into consideration the environmental impact of the immigration and population policy undertaken.

“Important perspectives are lacking in the debate on migration and immigration. A country’s population policy has major consequences for environmental issues such as consumption, resource consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and exploitation of nature,” says the article.

The researchers believe that the major immigration that Sweden has undertaken in the last 15 years will have “serious negative environmental impacts”.

With immigration, consumption increases in several ways, thus increasing the environmental impact, including increased greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, green areas and productive arable land are reduced in cities and in urban areas.

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The authors point out that Sweden needs at least 80,000 new homes per year. According to Boverket’s forecast, an additional 100,000 more inhabitants are expected annually “for the foreseeable future, driven by migration”.

Unless immigration reduces sharply, the entire climate policy that the red-green government claims to be doing is counteracting, the researchers write.

They advocate an option where immigration is at most about 25,000 people a year, a figure far below the number of immigrants Sweden has agreed to recieve in recent years.

According to the researchers, the Swedish people should be informed of how immigration affects the environment, and what options are available on the issue.

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