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READ MORE: "Come home now. Quickly. Before he rapes me!!!!

Swedish nightmare: “Come home now. Quickly. Before he rapes me!!!!

A 16-year-old girl in Skåne Lomma, who invited two Afghan refugee youths into her home while her parents were out shopping, sent a panicked sms text to her parents, but it proved to be too late.

By – Brünnhilde

Once they arrived home, she had already been brutally raped. Now the Afghans have been sentenced by the Lund District Court to the most minimum possible punishment and they both escape the possibility of expulsion.

“Come home now. Quickly. Before he rapes me!!!! I mean it,” said the message. “Please!!! I’m begging!!”

This was the heartbreaking text sent by the 16-year-old Swedish girl in Lomma to her parents just before she was brutally attacked and raped in her own home.

It was during mid-July 2017 that the girl began conversing with an Afghan-so-called ‘refugee child‘ with whom she was familiar via a mutual friend.

After some persuasion, she agreed to let the Afghan man and his Afghan come inside her home while her parents were shopping.

The “refugee children” as they are known under Swedish immigration laws, quickly went on to brutally attack and rape her once they entered her home.

Initially one of the Afghan men held her down while the other attempted to pour alcohol down her throat and touched her on her throat and upper body.

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When the 16-year-old girl managed to fight them off, one of the Afghans left while the other remained with her in the girl’s bedroom. He held her down on the bed, tore off her clothes and raped her.

“I just came to fool you,” explained the Afghan tauntingly to the girl during the trial.

Later in the evening on the day of the attack, one of the Afghans sent a sms to the girl and “apologized” for the abuse.

“Hi, I am full (smiley emoticon). I am sorry, I could not control myself please?”

After the rape, the girl’s body was covered with bruises and suction marks as well as clear signs of rape. Lund District Court sentenced them to a very low punishment.

One of the men is sentenced for probation with a jail sentence of two months for his crime of rape. He claimed that, at the time of the act he was 16 years old therefore qualifying him as a “child”, but the Migration Board was able to establish on August 25, 2017 with the help of age tests, that he was in fact an adult man.

The district court judged him as if he had been 17 years, a month earlier when the rape took place.

Although the Migration Board has previously rejected the rapist’s asylum application, Lund’s District Court opted to reject the prosecutor’s request that the rapist should be expelled, referring in part to the fact that the Afghan was “only 17 years” at the time he committed the sexual attack.

“As the District Court stated above, there is no particular reason to assume that he will be guilty of any new crimes in the future. The crime of which he is now being prosecuted for is certainly so serious and offensive to the plaintiff but it was also committed before the defendant was 18 years old,” the court writes.

The other Afghan man is sentenced to 60 hours of community service for sexual coercion, as he also claims to have been 16 years old in connection with the crime. He is also convicted of harassment for graffiting the term “4 days for AHMAD” on the wall of his cell while he was arrested. Even he will not be expelled.

The verdict of Lund District Court was signed by Judge Lena Nowak.
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