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Swedish Muslim terrorist suspects with brutal IS murders

Former Malmöbon Osama Krayem, 25, is suspected of being involved in a brutal IS murder where a Jordanian pilot was burned alive to death, writes Belgian newspaper La Libre. Krayem is also being investigated for participation in the Paris Attack in the fall of 2015 and for the terrorist attacks in Brussels the following year.

By – lalibre.be

Osama Krayem left Malmö at the age of 22 and has been in Belgian cadres since March 2016. He is suspected of interfering with several terrorist offenses: First, the attack at a concert in Paris, November 13, 2015, and the terrorist attacks in Belgium, March 22, 2016. On several pictures, he poses alongside IS flags, writes Expressen.

New data from the Belgian authorities claim that Osama Krayem should have been involved in an unknown IS murder of a Jordanian pilot, Muath al-Kasasbeh, who was burned alive in a cage. The execution took place in  2015 and was filmed by the terrorist organization.

According to the new information, Osama Krayem should have stayed in the same place as the Islamic State’s (IS) followers when the Jordanian pilot burned alive. La Libre also reveals that the former Malmö would have been an important soldier in the IS.

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