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Swedish Mattias Karlsson (SD) compared the Quran with Mein Kampf

Britain’s legendary prime minister, including Nobel laureate Winston Churchill, has done so. The Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has also done so. Now the Swedish Democrats group leaders in the Swedish parliament, Mattias Karlsson, are singing to those who equate Islam with Nazism 

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On Saturday, the Swedish Democrats held a big kickoff before the church hall on Sunday next week. The party highlights the election and sets up with approximately 1000 candidates.

During the kickoff held in the Concert Hall in Gothenburg, the party’s group leader in the parliament, Mattias Karlsson, spoke to the party mates. In the speech, which involved why it is important that SD take power over the Church of Sweden, the SD summit meant that “the church has become a force for Islamization of Sweden“. As an example, Karlsson mentioned imams invited by the Church of Sweden and read from the Qur’an.

“It’s awful”

“So it is absurd that the Church of Sweden invites people to read high of this book for Christians in our churches. It’s more than absurd, it’s directly offensive, it’s awful. And I think those who support this type of action, those who sanction it – they should be ashamed and kicked from their posts, said Karlsson and met with applause.

Karlsson raised a part in the Quran where it is called upon to kill “unfaithful”.

“Now I know that it is far from all Muslims who postpone the kind of writing in the Quran and it is certain that those who read this kind of texts in the churches do not read these passages and may not be behind either. But to me it does not play that huge role either. Although it is a nice person who reads a slightly less controversial part, it is still from this book.

Similar to Mein Kampf

Karlsson then resembled the Koran by Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf”:

“I would like to go as far as saying to read high of the Quran in a Christian church when the Quran says that Christians should be killed, almost comparable to reading out loud” Mein Kampf “in a synagogue, Karlsson said allow him to think of dialogue between the church and the Islamic representatives, but that the church of Sweden is engaged in “submission” to Islam.

Mattias Karlsson emphasizes for Expressen that he said “almost comparable”.Photo: SVEN LINDWALL

In a concluding call to his party mates, Karlsson argued that the party should use its power in the Church of Sweden to counteract what he calls mass immigration:

“A voice on the Swedish Democrats in the church hall is a guarantee that the Church will cease to use members’ money to propagate for a mass immigration that means that most vulnerable refugees do not get help because we can not afford it because of a mass immigration that hurts our welfare so that the weakest, the sickest can take a bang, a mass immigration that means that society is torn apart, becomes colder and more fragmented, segregated. A voice on the Swedish Democrats is a guarantee that church money will not be used for that kind of propaganda.

“Genocide of Christians”

Mattias Karlsson explains his likeness with “Mein Kampf” for Expressen:

– I say it’s almost comparable. It is not fully comparable because the letters contained in Mein Kampf, the calls for violence and what led to the persecution of Jews, there is no parallel in world history comparable to that. However, there are a number of letters in the Quran calling for killing, throat, crucifixion, captivity and slaughtering Christians, unfaithful. It’s just what’s happening in the world. There is a genocide of Christians today in the world.

In your speech, you say that all Muslims do not stand behind such letters, but it does not play such a big part for you because the problem is “even if it’s a nice person who reads a slightly less controversial part”. Do you mean that the whole Quran is dangerous?

“I find it hard to imagine that we would buy in another context, say, someone would read from a political manifesto in a church, maybe there are some passages that are nice, maybe about enhanced animal welfare, but there too says to kill those who do not think the same thing, to kill the people standing and reading the book. I think you had difficulty accepting it.

“I’m hard to accept it just because it’s a religious book. I have full understanding that it is not all Muslims who stand behind all parts of the Quran, but the problem is that many major Muslim schools and highly educated scholars say that the Quran can not be interpreted, but it should be interpreted literally and that it is God’s direct word . What is a problem in relation to Christianity where we have Jesus’ love message that comes and takes out much of what is strange and quite awful as it stands in the Old Testament, says Karlsson.

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