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ISIS Fighter Detained In Suspiciom Of Murder In Vivalla

Örebro. A fourth man has been taken in suspicion of murder in connection with the violent assault and fatal shooting in Vivalla last week. The man has previously been active in the conflict area of Syria and participated in battles fighting for terrorist group IS. There are reports that the man is dangerous and has been involved in “very serious violence”.

By – Brünnhilde

“I’m not surprised that he is appearing in this context,” says terrorist researcher Magnus Ranstorp.

Last Tuesday, several alarms alerted police to the Vivalla area after a fatal shooting occurred. Two men were so seriously injured that they later died from their injuries. Previously, three men, aged 15, 20 and 31 years old were taken in suspected of murder. All involved have been linked to gang crime. and assault in the area.

A fourth man has now been detained for probable reasons in suspicion of murder. The man has previously been active in Syria and participated in battles for the terrorist organization IS. The man who is in the 30’s has also been previously convicted of violent crimes.

Several witnesses have described to police the severe violence that was used when one of the victims was murdered, more specifically that he was being beaten to death.

Magnus Ranstorp, terrorist researcher, says he is not surprised that an IS member was arrested.

“I cannot comment on the specific issue but definitely. Those who have traveled to the conflict area have been trained to kill and witnessed very serious violence,” he says. “For IS, it is about humiliating the enemy as much as possible by removing arms, legs and even throats for deterrence.”

Vivalla in Orebro, Sweden is a particularly vulnerable area, which has suffered one of the country’s most extensive Islam radicalization and terrorist recruitment. Up to 30 persons from Vivalla have traveled to Syria and joined IS or another terrorist organization that fights towards the same goal, that is to establish an Islamic state. These are just the cases that are currently known to authorities. According to Ranstorp on a more worrying note, a dozen have also managed to return to Vivalla.

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Magnus Ranstorp believes that the legislation has not changed sufficiently to facilitate the authorities’ efforts to handle returnees.

The man was one of the first terrorists from Örebro. He reportedly travelled to Syria during the fall of 2013 and joined an extremist group, which eventually combined with IS when they recruited his caliphate, his state under Islamic rule. He returned to Örebro a few years ago, when it became known that two of his brothers were believed to have died in battle. The man was taken care of in a hospital in Örebro after returning home with what is believed to be war injuries.

The man is detained on Friday but denies all crimes.

The prosecutor does not want to comment on the IS link.

“I cannot comment on anything about the person except he is being sentenced suspected of murder,” announced prosecutor Krister Petersson.

At the same time, TT reports that the number of casualties resulting from gun-shot injuries has doubled in a few years. A young man injured in the upper body is a typical shot-injured patient in Sweden today, a patient category that is small but rapidly growing.

In 2014, the number of casualties increased at the national level with 154 case. By 2016, the figure was 263, which is the latest available figure.

From 2015 to 2017, the number of injuries received in Malmö has doubled. Last year, the number was 44. The figure this year is likely to be similar as the first six months has resulted in 24 injuries so far, according to SR Ekot.

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