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Swedish court: It is unlawful to write that Africans have lower IQ – even though it is true

Swedish court: It is unlawful to write that Africans have lower IQ – even though it is true

There is a scientific accepted consensus that black Africans on average have a lower IQ than other people. Even so, a 44-year-old man in Täby, Sweden, was sentenced to a fine of SEK 18,000 after writing this statement on Facebook.

By – Brünnhilde

In July 2017, a debate began in the Facebook group “Stand up for Sweden” after a user posted a link to an article in Aftonbladet with the headline “Doctor: ‘Somalier has an IQ of 70′”.

Several users asked on the post if it could be possible that the designated doctor was actually right. A handful of users were promptly notified by an anonymous opinion by policeman called “Johan Eriksson”, which instigated a large number of heated reports on Facebook.

One of the police officers, a man from Täby, wrote the following:

“The black breed has a lower IQ level and higher testosterone levels. As long as the PK mafia claims that only skin color separates people, the truth will never come out.”

He was subsequently prosecuted by the group of chamber prosecutor Jenny Karlsson.

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During the police interview, the 44-year-old tried to explain in vain that he only reported scientific facts.

“First of all, it was extremely stupid to get into a racial debate like this online, it was incredibly corked and I will never ever do it again. But then I have to admit that I believe in what I wrote because I have read research reports online that have confirmed it is so. But it was also a little thoughtless, because while it was very much true that the black has lower intelligence, maybe I should have also pointed out that, even though they may have lower intelligence, maybe they are better at something else.”

In response, the interrogator instead demanded to know what he “likes about people with dark skin color”.

“I have many friends of all kinds of ethnicities. What I am referring to is the great whole as a population. I do not appreciate it,” the man answered.

However, the police who conducted the interrogation were not.

“But explain to us, what did you mean when you wrote something like that?” they demanded to know.

“That there is simply a difference between people. That one must realize that it is always so. I’m not saying that there is a difference in the value of different people, like a difference between good and evil. In the same way as any animal group,”

the man replied.

Attunda District Court does not take into account that the 44-year old man’s defence brought the reasoning of scientific facts.

“The man’s statement that he has not acted with the intention of committing a crime does not exonerate him from liability. Therefore, the judgement of the prosecution must be granted”, the District Court writes in its judgment.

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“The crime is not bad,” states the judge Urban Engström.

The penalty value for the act corresponds to the jail sentence: “prison for a month”, but the 44-year-old comes away with conditional sentences and 50 daily fines of 360 kronor. He is also demanded to pay 800 SEK to the victims fund.

Researchers Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray already concluded in 1994 in his book The Bell Curve that after countless studies, a full consensus in intelligence research provided that the average IQ levels differ markedly between different peoples.

Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen later conducted an extensive international study, presented in the book IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2002).

According to the study, if the level of white Europeans on average is set to 100, East Asian Nations will get slightly higher, at 103-106. South-East Asian and Polynesian rank slightly lower, at about 90. South Asian countries, such as the Indians and Middle Eastern populations, have an average IQ level of between 80 and 90.
The Sahara sub-Saharan Africa performs at levels below or around 70, which is also black in the Caribbean and South America, according to Lynn’s and Vanhanen’s studies.

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