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Swedish Church defends right to hide illegal Muslim immigrants

Swedish Church defends right to hide illegal Muslim immigrants

The Swedish Church has long been criticized for obstructing the Swedish Aliens Act by hiding illegal
Muslim immigrants from the police’s foreign immigration controls and enforcement of expulsion orders. 

By – Brünnhilde

Now a number of representatives of the Swedish Church in Malmö have taken one step further and reported the police to the Swedish Parliamentary Ombudsmen, also known as JO, because the police prevented the church from hiding illegal Muslim immigrants.

Parish curator Britta Abotsi and deacons Linus Hermansson, Patricia Ljunggren, Christina Ohlsson and Ebba Älverbrandt, are currently involved in a controversial debate in Sydsvenskan where they are attempting to report the Malmö police to the JO for crime. This is happening after the police in August last year took custody of five illegal families hidden by the Swedish church Klåveröds hostel in Söderåsen, where camps are currently being conducted for vulnerable Swedish children.

The Church reportedly claims to be shocked that the police are doing their job. Their intervention of hiding the illegal families represents an illegal use of the Church of Sweden for purposes other than those prescribed, which also means that they have committed a violation of the Aliens Act. Even the hidden families are said to have been shocked by the Sweden police’s actions.

The representatives of the Swedish church claim that internal immigration controls and enforcement of decisions by the Swedish Migration Board often contravene the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is argued that the police’s mission to increasingly ensure that Swedish laws and government decisions in this area are respected is “a deeply worrying trend”.

It is now demanded that the activities which involve the Swedish Church hiding Illegal Immigrants “must be protected” from the police’s authority and the Church hopes to get a hearing from the Parliamentary Ombudsmen, the JO.

Previously, there were extensive restrictions on how the police were able to work to find illegal immigrants, a group whose number is growing sharply and is estimated today to reach the tens of thousands. A majority of the group consists of asylum seekers who have gone underground in hiding after being rejected during the asylum application. According to the directive, the police were previously prevented from looking for illegal immigrants in places where they knew they were located. This meant that very few illegal immigrants were found.

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Supporters of the debate refer to a call from the Council of Europe that organizations and community needed to guarantee what is called “basic rights of paperless” and that they should be protected by ‘firewalls’. This means, among other things, that the police should not be allowed to search people on or near such sites and that the authorities that warrant these alleged rights should refuse to provide information to the police, which renders the investigations extremely difficult and allows many undocumented immigrants to remain illegally in the country.

These so-called protected zones include health care, institutions, school buildings, social services, judiciary, religious institutions and NGOs. Supporters of the Church say that the police’s intervention against the Church of Sweden’s illegal actions at Klåveröd’s hostel is in violation of the recommendations instigated by the Council of Europe. It is demanded that they be allowed to continue to keep illegal immigrants in hiding there without the risk of intervention from the police.

The representatives of the Swedish church demands that it is their right to hide illegal immigrants and that this right should apply regardless of which parties hold political power in Sweden, in other words, giving the Church superior democracy. They claim the immigration police is being more and more restrictive and “inhumane”. 
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