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Swedes: “You are socially incompetent”

Gabriel Kuhn, philosophy doctor in poststructuralism, blames the failed integration in Sweden on the Swedish people. The Swedes are “socially incompetent,” he writes on Aftonbladet Debatt today, claiming that they face a “serious social problem” that cannot be solved with money.

By – Brünnhilde

It is not very good for the so-called multicultural integration in Sweden. But translator Gabriel Kuhn in Aftonbladet today writes that this is not primarily the fault of immigrants, but the Swedes.

He writes that the Swedes are “socially incompetent” and that there is an important explanation as to why integration does not work.

According to Kuhn, the Swedes are unwilling to talk with recently arrived refugees. In fact several immigrants he met reportedly told him that he is the first Swedish person they have spoken to.

“Sweden has been more open to migrants than other European countries. The government places considerable resources on providing new housing, food and language training. Yet Sweden has one of the most segregated societies in Europe. There are several reasons for this, but social incapacity is a central puzzle piece,” he writes.

He further points out that Somali immigrants are better integrated in American cities than in Swedish cities This has previously been explained by the fact that Sweden contributes so much resounrces to immigrants that it lowers their initiative to find work and integrate. But Gabriel Kuhn thinks that the explanation is wrong and that it is because the Somalis feel more welcome in the United States.

According to Kuhn, the so-called social incompetence of the Swedes is a “serious social problem” that has to be solved in order for the multiculturism and integration to work.

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