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Swedes are Sweden’s native people

The Swedes are the indigenous people in Sweden and the only group of people with a proven and natural right to the country, according to a new claim by Alternative for Sweden’s Jeff Ahl. He also promises that his party will completely “wrap up” the so-called multicultural culture.

By – Brünnhilde

“Sweden is the Swedes’ country” is the new claim by the Nationalist Party Alternatives for Sweden, which runs in the parliamentary elections on September 9th and is quickly gaining popularity for its hard stance against the country’s overwhelming immigration issues.

According to the party, the Swedes are Sweden’s indigenous peoples.

“It is only we Swedes who have a natural and honorable right to our country. We are the host people and indigenous people, and they are the guests,” explains MP Ahl during a discussion in the Riksdag (Swedish parliament) regarding the relationship between Swedes and immigrants.

“When we gain influence and power, they will also be sent home in large quantities and effective immediately,” Ahl continues.

Whether or not immigrants have a citizenship or residence permit does not matter, he believes. Every single individual immigrant since 2000 has to be reconsidered. However, those who work, integrate and adapt will be allowed to stay.

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Ahl also marks a decisive difference between his party and the Swedish Democrats, which he believes has been manipulated and destroyed ideologically by a small group of corrupt people.

“The only non-globalist party in the parliament is currently the Swedish Democrats, but that party is ruled by a career-liberal clique who took over the helm when Jimmie Åkesson got sick,” he claims.

“The Swedish Democrats are, as it seems today, unfortunately creating an immigration net. For example, they wanted to double the quota long before the government. And if they want the immigrants to return, they want it to be voluntary,” says Jeff Ahl.

“I hope the nationalists in the party succeed in taking over the helm again. But I think it is necessary that Sweden’s Alternatives enter the Riksdag and act as a driving force for this solution to become a reality.”

According to Ahl, his party will completely “wrap up” the multitude of cultures.

“Today there is only one party that wants to dismantle the multicultural destructive society, and conduct a large-scale and effective return to Sweden. And that’s the Alternatives for Sweden,” he says. “Sweden’s great destiny is a return of all immigrants.”

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