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Swedenstan: Young girl begs Mother not to be left alone with rapist Afghan Muslim refugee

A Muslim Afghan was found guilty of raping the young daughter of his Swedish girlfriend on several occasions when she was between the age of 7 and 9. The Swedish mother repeatedly received nightly phone calls from her panic-stricken daughter who did not want to be alone with the Afghan but never spoke against the man.

By – Brünnhilde

“I’ll be hanged if I’m extradited,” said the rapist, who converted to Christianity after he was faced with threat of expulsion.

Between September 2014 and July 2016, the 34-year-old Afghan was charged guilty of three cases of rape against the girl, born in 2007, in Karlskoga municipality. He is also convicted of gross sexual assault against the same girl in November 2016.

The abuse took place in the child’s home, wrote Swedish Television on the day that the sentence was handed down. The man was arrested after being missing for almost 10 months before the police could seize him.

The girl’s mother and Muslim refugee were a couple and lived together on occasion between 2014 and 2016. While the mother worked night shifts, the Afghan was alone in her apartment and was responsible for minding the children.

The girl recounted at the hearing that the first assault occurred in the basement of her brother’s room when she was seven years old and could not sleep. He allowed her to play with his cellphone “provided she did not tell anyone”. As she lay down and watched the cellphone, she felt the Afghan’s hand inside her panties and that he took her in the “snippan”.

She woke up on over ten occasions with the Afghan man between her legs. According to the girl, these sexual assaults occurred in 2015, when she was only in grade two.

When the mother went to Ullared in July 2016, the worst and second-last incident happened, the daughter told the court. The Afghan had pushed his finger inside her and assaulted her as well as binded her arms while trying to pull her hand to his sex.

The last incident occurred in the theater room in November 2016 when the mother worked three night shifts in a row. When the siblings were playing and were in the kitchen, the Afghan tried to “finger” the girl inside the trousers when she lay on the couch. It ended with him spitting on the carpet.

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The girl’s mother has testified that the daughter “went up to the attic” when the Afghan man visited the first evening. At work, the mother received a call from the daughter, three consecutive nights. During the conversation, the girl was hysterical and panicked. The daughter said nothing about what happened, but told her she didn’t want to be alone with the Afghan.

The Afghan’s sexual assaults were revealed after the girl confided in her cousin about what she was exposed to and that the Afghan had shown her porn movies. She had threatened to kill herself if the cousin revealed to anyone about what had happened.

But eventually the cousin told their parents about the abuse, which led to the cousin’s dad making a police report.

Örebro District Court announced the verdict on January 15, 2018. The Afghan, who has an interpretation need for dari, is convicted of three counts of rape against children and one count of gross sexual abuse against children. The sentence was three years imprisonment and lifetime expulsion. He will also pay £180,000 in damages to the girl.

“I will be hanged if I’m forced to return,”

Says the 34-year-old, who arrived in Sweden in August 2013. His asylum applications were rejected three times with the latest being in December 2014. Despite this, he was still allowed to stay in the country and therefore was able to commit his crime against the Swedish girl between 2014 to 2016.

In June 2016, the Afghan man converted to Christianity. He did this as he hoped to get another chance to stay in Sweden. He became a member of the Swedish Church in January 2015, according to a so-called sneak article about the child abuser published in the local newspaper in 2016.

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