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Swedenstan: Sex crimes have tripled – in four years

The vulnerability of sexual offenses continues to increase significantly in Sweden. A cording to a Partial report of the National Security Survey, of the Crime Prevention Council that publish today. Every seventh young woman declared herself in 2016 had been subjected to sex offenses.

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The proportion in Sweden states that are exposed to what is called a violation of an individual is according to Brå on the highest level since the measurements began in 2006.

Between 2012 and 2016, the vulnerability to sexual offenses has tripled – from 0.8 to 2.4 percent of the population.

Young women between the ages of 16-24 are the most vulnerable to sexual offenses. Of them, 14 percent reported that they had been subjected to at least one such crime in 2016. Among men in the same age group, 1.2 percent reported that they had been exposed.

What the very strong increase is due to – yes, it does not know Brå.

Percentage of the population exposed to different types of crime against individual person 2005-2016. 

“Young women are not only more vulnerable to harassment, they are also more often subjected to sexual offenses. In NTU, however, there are no answers to why a type of crime increases, therefore, analyzes need to be gained in order to better understand the causes of the increase, “says Åsa Strid, Deputy Head of Unit at Brå.

Sexual crime contains a wide range of events, from blotting and other victims to rape.

In addition to the sexual offenses, it is particularly vulnerable to fraud and harassment, which is increasing sharply, according to the safety investigation.

Full report  – https://www.bra.se/brott-och-statistik/statistiska-undersokningar/nationella-trygghetsundersokningen.html

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