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Immigrants in Sweden are allowed to work if they have the proper documents

Swedenstan: Not a single asylum seeker fulfilled the job requirement

Not a single asylum seeker has yet to pass the job requirement for permanent residence in Sweden. From the 200 applications received by the Swedish Migration Board to date, no one has been approved.

By – Brünnhilde

According to stricter asylum law from last year, permanent residence permits can be granted to immigrants who can provide themselves through work.

However from the 200 applications tested so far, no single immigrant has fulfilled the work requirements for such a claim.

The immigrant must have acquired permanent employment with collective agreement wage and terms. So-called start-up or entry jobs do not require skills but it’s these jobs that attract most new arrivals.

Additionally, persons under the age of 25 must have a Swedish upper secondary education or equivalent.

“It will be an unreasonable demand against a large group because it is a very different level of education for people who come here,” says Karin Gyllenring, founder of the “Asylbyrån”, for the Work.

However in recent weeks there have been approximately 6,660 applications for extension of temporary residence permit. 940 have been decided and 840 have already been approved, which means that these asylum seekers may stay in Sweden for another two years.

The Migration Board‘s statistics are valid from August 20, the date from which it became possible to apply for permanent residence or extension of temporary residence permits.

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