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Read more: Sweden to finance censorship on social media following #Jagarher’s wishes

Swedenstan to finance censorship on social media following #Jagarher’s wishes

In November, the Society News revealed close contact between the Government Offices and the organization #Jagärhär – an organization that has made its name by silencing silent opinion makers and journalists critical of the government by shutting down their Facebook social media accounts, as a result of mass reports from the organization’s members.

By – Brünnhilde

Today we can report to you that the Government Offices have prepared a regulation that allows the funding and support of such organizations engaged in censorship of social media.

In a number of e-mails, the Danish Ministry of Culture, Elisabeth Modee, the Minister of the Interior Johanna Granfors and the organization’s director Johanna Granfort, discussed the types of support and grants that the organization may seek.

Today we can disclose that the Ministry of Culture has prepared a regulation that provides protection for the network #Jagärhär. Regulation (2018: 32) allows for state subsidies for actions that counteract threats and hate in the public conversation.

The regulation states that tax assets from the public can be allocated to organizations to counter “hatred and threats in the public conversation”. However the regulation fails to specify what exactly is meant by the terms ‘hatred and threats’.

Judging from the network #Jagärhär’s previous activity, we can see that criticism of the Government’s migration and integration policy is interpreted as hate – and critics being cleared away from social media is an example of the contribution and penalty awaiting them.

Another area of ​​application of the regulation is to support the threat of “threatening opinion makers”.Society News notes that it does not clarify what the ideas of democracy are, which can lead to the exclusion of organizations with right-ideological background just for this reason – an incident that has already occured on a number of occasions earlier.We have taken note of the preparatory work for the regulation, including an impact assessment of the proposal, made by the same department secretary of the Unit for Democracy and Civil Society, Johanna Granfors, who previously advised Mina Dennert on contributions.

In the impact assessment – which can be downloaded and read in its entirety on the following link – department secretary Granfors is open to statements from “several organizations” about funding.

The term “hatred and threats” also falls into a narrower content. It turns out that the phenomenon to which the regulation is aimed at is not about networking against specific individuals, but rather about “hatred and threat to the democratic conversation”.

When Society News contacts Elisabet Modée, formerly the Chancellor’s Office at the Ministry of Culture, on the telephone, it appears that she is currently working on the Ministry of Justice – with the same type of questions. She denies that the contribution would be based on #Jagärhär, but at the same time, she reveals that she had not been involved in the preparation of the regulation.

Society News have also talked with the unit head of the Unit for Democracy and Civil Society at the Ministry of Culture Helena Josefsson, whose unit has prepared the regulation. Even she denies that the network would be involved in this work:

“No, they are not,” she replies.

So why was there the need for this regulation to be updated?

“There are many organizations working to prevent threats and hatred against the democratic conversation. It is an action announced by the government in the “Free Defense Forces” Action Plan.”

Whose initiative was to start working on the regulation?

“It’s an internal question. We are working on our political leadership.

Do you mean it was the Minister of Culture that ordered this regulation?

“I cannot answer that question,” she replied.

The regulation will enter into force on 1 March. The contribution will be administered by the Authority for Youth and Civil Affairs.

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