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Swedenstan : 2017 granted the second highest number of residence permits After … 2015

According to the Migration Board’s statistics, a total of 135.459 residence permits were granted in 2017 . Only once before has this number been overtaken and this was in 2015 when a record number of 150.535 licenses were issued. 

By – Brünnhilde

From the licenses issued last year, asylum and family immigration accounted for more than 62% of last years’ licenses while labor market immigration was barely 24%. Of those who came here for labor market reasons, 38% of them were family members.

Unregulated labor migration, introduced by the Alliance government at the end of 2008, has been criticized for its cheating nature in recent years. The Riksdag made an announcement to the government as late as May last year in order to overcome the error. It has also been shown that labor immigration has been used as a substitute for asylum immigration. It is called track exchanger and has risen sharply.

As most of the coming  immigrants are From Muslim countries we must expect for more new Mosques in Sweden vulnerable areas.

At the same time in 2017, nearly 26,000 asylum seekers arrived. This is the level that Sweden held for most of the 2010s and still remains among the highest in the EU despite the media reporting two years ago that Sweden had “closed its borders”.
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