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Sweden's special Arabic project to increase licensed drivers

Sweden’s special Arabic project to increase licensed drivers

Twenty percent of those that try to pass the driver’s license exam in Sweden do it in Arabic. This demographic is “heavily over represented” among those who fail. Now the Swedes have to put in more language resources to get more Arabs behind the wheel.

By – Brünnhilde

Some of us have claimed over the years that demography determines the future.

Sweden is a leading example of population change in Western Europe. When all 20 percent of those trying to take the [driving license] exam are Arabic speaking, this contributes toward claims that the Muslim  Middle East is emerging in our neighboring countries.

In order to continue driving

Immigrants are “heavily over represented” among those who are failing their driving exams according to the Swedish Transport Agency (Bilsynsverket).

Therefore, efforts should now be made to strengthen the efforts [for exams and classes to be] in Arabic. The majority of jobs require a driver’s licenses. Because so many of this demographic are failing, it makes it more difficult for them to get a job and ultimately creates long lines in the [welfare] system.

The reason for failure is explained by the fact that immigrants are having difficulty understanding the traffic rules (which those of us who have visited their homelands understand).

The Swedish driver’s license test is further perceived as “complicated.” Many people are not used to high demands. As a driving instructor in Malmö says: “Many people think it’s possible to drive the car [by just knowing how to drive] I have to motivate them to understand why they must understand [our] traffic rules.”

“Demand has increased significantly when it comes to tests in a language other than Swedish. Arabian is at the top of Sweden, with 20 percent of the tests being carried ,” says Anders Cronqvist to Friatider .

Source:, Hege Storhaug

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