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READ MORE: Sweden’s pensioners ranked poorest in the Nordic countries

Sweden’s pensioners ranked poorest in the Nordic countries

Pensioners in Sweden are currently ranked the most poor throughout the Nordic region according to figures from Eurostat, states Dinapengar.se. 

By – Brünnhilde 

Sweden also holds the record for the highest number of pensioners living in poverty compared to the average number in the EU.

The appalling statistics were revealed by Eurostat statistical institute, which defines poverty as “people with an income lower than 60 percent of the median income” which in Sweden amounts to approximately SEK 11,850 per month.

In Sweden, 16.8 percent of the population living in poverty according to the Eurostat definition are 65 or older. This means almost one fifth of Sweden’s population living in poverty are elderly persons.

In comparison to the rest of the Nordic region, Sweden’s 16.8 percent is shockingly high. In Norway, the corresponding figure is 9 percent, in Iceland 9 percent, in Denmark 8.5 percent and in Finland 12.3 percent.


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For countries in the European Union, the average number is 14.5 percent, which is also lower than Sweden.

Anna Eriksson, who works as Senior Pension Senior at one of Sweden’s largest senior organizations, tries to justify the dismal statistics by explaining that the pensions in Sweden are generally not much higher than the poverty line itself.

“The average pension is SEK 13,500, and the poverty line is just under 12,000. This means that we have one million pensioners who receive income around the line,” says Eriksson to Dinapengar.se, pointing out that the pension level in Sweden is relatively low.

According to the newspaper, Sweden is currently ranked at the “bottom layer” of the EU in terms of financial security for its elderly population, many of which include Swedish people who built the country.
Some have criticized a lack of action on the part of the government, whose monetary focus has been directed at other areas, including immigration, at the expense of their Swedish citizens.

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