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Sweden’s MUSLIM will never be satisfied

Sweden’s MUSLIM will never be satisfied

Ismail Abuhelal, chairman of the Växjö Muslims Foundation, has launched a complaint, angrily questioning why Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has not yet successfully congratulated Sweden’s Muslims on the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did in Canada.

By – Brünnhilde

Let’s face it – Muslims will never be happy. They will not give up until they have taken over and made Sweden a Sharia State. Let us remember the newspaper ‘Svegot’ and their shocking disclosure of what hate preacher Dominic Driman announced to the mosque’s young Muslims during early May:

“We are in Sweden only to spread Islam.”

It was no more than a week ago that it was clear that Muslims will now be able to disrupt the lives of Växjöborna’s residents by launching every Friday at 13 o’clock their threatening alarm that Islam is now ruling this village.

It is not enough for them! They will never get enough!

Now they are annoyed that Stefan Löfven did not go out and said “Happy Ramadan” or something like this, to them. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broadcasted his message in a short Youtube video, according to the written statement by Ismail Abuhelal , who is particularly pleased that Trudeau correctly pronounced the Arabic “salamalykum” (the Arabic phrase of peace meaning “peace be upon you”).

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He writes:

“The video cut is no longer than a minute but the impression always lasts when a prime minister announces a message in such a nice way about a large minority group. This is especially true for us Muslims living in a Western society.”

Idiotic self-sacrifice? Explain in a good way? Why in God’s name would Stefan Löfven congratulate the Muslims on their idiot self-sacrifice? If he is to pronounce any message at all, it should be the exact same message as announced by Danish Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg, who called on Muslims to take a vacation during Ramadan to avoid endangering others when driving a bus or taxi in a traffic jam – tired, sour, hungry and thirsty.

Ismail Abuhelal does not go for a threat:

“Sweden claims to be a tolerant society that accepts multicultural differences, but when Ramadan begins for Sweden’s largest minority group, with over 500,000 practitioners in Sweden, who in total possess a purchasing power equivalent to over one billion kronor during the month of Ramadan, we will congratulate the Swedish politicians on their absence.”

Do you know what, Ismail Abuhelal? We are doing very well without your so-called purchasing power equivalent to one billion kronor.

If you had gone home, we would have actually saved a couple of hundred billion crowns each year. Bye!
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