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SWEDEN'S Muslim: "Our mission is to make Sweden Muslim"

SWEDEN’S Muslim: “Our mission is to make Sweden Muslim”

The young Muslims who listened to Dominic Driman were educated in the basic idea of ​​Islam: spreading religion everywhere. It is, according to Driman himself, the only reason why humans exist. 

By – Brünnhilde

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And to the young Muslims in Sweden, the call was clear. They must first organize themselves to make the Rock, otherwise known as Sweden, an Islamic country.

A film was posted on Young Muslims on the Facebook page of the Rock, but soon it was taken down. Thanks to the Swedes, the newspaper Svegot has received it.

It is a worrying message that is being spread and taught to the overwhelmingly large population of Muslim youth in Sweden.

Driman can be heard explaining in the film that the central question is, why are they (Muslims) in Sweden today? Why is there not peace in Syria and Somalia?

He believes that Allah has created these “trials” in order for Muslims to come to Sweden, among others, to “save” Sweden. He states:

“We are in Sweden, only to spread Islam.”

Driman urges young Muslims to organize themselves to spread Islam. He teaches them that this is their only cause of existence and that they must begin soon.

“So be sure to surround yourself with people who worship him and spread his religion,” he says. “Work together and organize … everyone should have a task, everyone should have a function.”

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“Someone can divide jobs in the retirement home, someone else can hand out flyers in town. The aim is to make Sweden more Muslim and it does not have to take 20 years,” says Driman:

“It must not take 20 years before Sweden is a Muslim country … I’m not kidding, Sweden will be a Muslim country.”

Dominic Driman also gives the young Muslims a history lesson by telling them that the Muslims had the greatest empire on earth. From Asia to Spain. Obviously, it’s something they aim to achieve in the modern world.

The young Muslims of the Klippan receive contributions from the municipality of Klippam. Such messages about organizing themselves to take over the country are preached in mosques financed by tax assets. This is being practiced throughout the country.

Another clear example of how Swedish politicians prioritise foreigners in front of Swedes. When Swedes want to organize themselves, if they want to establish a place for their business or political or religious discussion and so on, they are branded as “racists”.

But Muslims can freely, in rooms paid by tax payers and supported by the Swedish government, plan and organize the Islamic takeover of Sweden.

There is a clear agenda being spread by Muslims in Sweden, location after location, and young Muslims are being told that they will take over the country.

Do not say you have not been warned. Take your own responsibility. Join the free Sweden today and make your way for a Swedish future.
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