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Sweden’s Left Celebrates Population Replacement Openly

Sweden’s Left Celebrates Population Replacement Openly

Not long ago, there was a crazy conspiracy theory that the Swedish people would become a minority in their own country.

By – Brünnhild

Some readers certainly remember the New Democrat Party leader Vivianne Franzén’s question in 1993: “How long does it take for our Swedish children to turn their faces to Mecca?” Or, perhaps, you might remember how this question was mocked by the establishment journalists and politicians.

A few years earlier, Sven-Olle Olsson (Center Party) asked a similar question: “Should there be no blonde and blue-eyed Swedes left?”. In the mass media, this was interpreted as a call for “fight against all who are not blonde and blue-eyed”. Of course, it wasn’t. It was a concern that the people as such would be replaced and disappear, as Swedes include a higher frequency of blonde and blue eyes compare to most other countries.

But believing that it could happen was considered crazy – xenophobic, racist paranoia. And the same was said about what the French author Renaud Camus calls “le grand replacement”, about Jean Raspail’s warning in his novel Le Camp des Saints (1973), and about Enoch Powell’s famous Rivers of Blood-speech (1968).

Today, the Left openly celebrates replacement of population. Some of them praise it and the rest drool along.

A strange case, which a reader drew our attention to, was published in the German edition of the Leftist Liberal Huffington Post on July 9th. The title of the article by a HuffPo writer Veit Lindner – who seems to be ethnic German – is: “Replace us! Why the German people should be abolished”.

“Umvolkung” (folk replacement or population replacement) was a word that, if we believe Wikipedia, became popular in Germany in the 1930s, after being coined in 1925. It was used, inter alia, to describe a planned colonization of Slavic territories with ethnic Germans. Fast forward to the 21st century, today, it is sarcastically used by immigration critics to describe the colonization of Germany with other peoples – just like in Sweden, mainly from the Middle East and Africa.

I guess that many national socialists today would disregard the “embrace” of Slavic territories, or see it as historical curiosity (at least I have not seen the Nordic Resistance Movement advocate any Drang nach Ost). We who are not national socialists, and in particular perhaps we, who have Slavic origin, of course, see such a population replacement as a negative concept.

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But not Lindner. He embraces the concept. To do the same but firmly inverted is considered to be something good.

“If the stinky thought-flatulence of the new Right-wing is to embody the ‘German people’, it would be best to simply replace it. Attention, Germans! Line up for extensive replacement!

Black, brown, yellow, white, Asians and Arabs, Africans, you people from America, India, people of every faith – come and help us! Come on, replace us, but thoroughly!”

Lindner continues with downgrading reviews of the German people, whose characteristics he describes as “cowardice, envy and whining”, and thinks it is better to be replaced by mixed races which will build a new Germany where “everyone is a foreigner or nobody is a foreigner anymore “.

“A bit of genetic and cultural dilution here and some self-termination through reproductive fatigue there, as Deniz Yücel [Turkish-German journalist] once expressed it ‘Folk-death at its best’ ”, concludes Veit Lindner.

So, the Germans will feed fewer children and mix until they no longer exist. That is worth celebration, according to Veit Lindner and Huffington Post.
How is this morally different from calling slaves cowardly, envious and ghastly sub-men who should be replaced by the superior Germans? Yes, it actually differs. It’s worse.

When another people say that your people are bad and have to be replaced, the threat is somehow understandable and manageable. You can still keep up with your own people, stick to your own culture and defend yourself against those who claim you are inferior or want to destroy you.

When it’s your own political leaders, your own journalists and writers who say you’re the inferior who must die the ‘folk-death’ and be replaced – that’s worse. Much worse.

The difference is that it is not the bully in the schoolyard, who says you are useless and deserve to be mocked and spat on, but your own siblings, parents and teachers. Those who should give you encouragement, self-confidence and will to live.

When our own leadership fails, it is impossible to stay together, to gather around own culture or defend ourselves effectively, because it is precisely those people who should carry on the people’s will to live who claim that we are not worth defending, that we deserves “folk-death”, as Lindner colorfully put it.

Certainly, it is good when the left openly acknowledges its evil plans. But at the same time, this kind of self-humiliation is harmful to an almost metaphysical plane – harmful to the soul, if you will. An establishment that accepts or even commits to sworn Swedes, Germans or other Europeans to be replaced is illegitimate.

It does not represent us.

Source: nyatider.nu, VÁVRA SUK

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