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Sweden's "Lax" immigration policy towards 3rd World Countries continues

Sweden’s “Lax” immigration policy towards 3rd World Countries continues

Sweden’s ‘ Asylum Policies continue at the same pace as before. Although ‘asylum seekers’ applications have dropped since the record numbers from 2014 and 2015 Residence Permits are still being issued at an alarming pace.

By – Elodie Lewis

During the first half of the year Sweden issued, all in all, 66,661 residence permits. This number includes immigrants from Countries such as America where they had a job to go to in Sweden.

The number of ‘residence permits’ granted to immigrants from 3rd World Countries – mostly Islamic Countries – was 35,400. Out of this number there were 11,419 asylum seekers – quota refugees etc. Of that number 274 people were issued temporary or time limited residence permits.

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Family reunification made up 23,981 residence permits – which meant that by the end of the year a record number of family reunification residence permits were made. By far the largest type of residence permits issued were the permanent residence permits.

From MIGRATIONSVERKET: Applications for asylum so far have mounted up to 10,338, which if same monthly figures taken over a 1 year period is the equivalent of slightly over 20,000 per year.

These numbers may appear small compared to the record years of 2014 and 2015 , however it is still worth noting that the number of residence permits issued will be, by the end of the year in numbers the size of a small City – populated entirely by immigrants with very different outlook, religion and cultural habits to native Swedes.”


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