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Sweden's Green Party: plans on implementing a generous immigration policy

Sweden’s Green Party: Advocate for more generous immigration policy

Sweden needs to introduce a generous immigration policy again. That was the message from Isabella Lovin of the Green (Environment) Party during Ekot’s party leadership inquiry yesterday.

By – Elodie Lewis

After the refugee/asylum crisis of 2015, Sweden introduced a stronger immigration policy, including temporary residence permits instead of permanent permits. But the Green Party wants to go back to the more generous immigration policy of before .

“We see that it is wise and human to do it,”

said Isabella Lövin in Ekot‘s hearing.

According to Lovin, the Green Party was prepared to go against the Government during the Asylum crisis of 2015, the Social Democrats tightened the rules regardless and the Green Party then decided to stick with the coalition in order that they could get “as good as migration agreement as was possible”.

The Green’s also wanted to implement their climate policy.

Isabella Lövin believes that it is

“human with family reunification” and that immigrants have a much better chance of “establishing”

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If they are granted permanent residence, while temporary residence permits only lead to an elongated process and ‘legal uncertainty’, she says.

She didn’t clarify if ‘family reunion’ would include men with more than one wife . he poorly performing school for 9,000 Afghan men was mentioned , this school has been criticized before by the Council of Laws – Isabella Lovin was unclear on her term of ” legal uncertainty” when closely questioned in this regard and what it would mean for the Afghan’s attending this badly performing ‘school’.

According to Ekot , she was unclear in her language as to whether the Green Party wants to return to the more generous asylum law. They wanted her to be clearer in her answers when questioned on this topic.

So when questioned again Isabella Lovin stated …

“The answer is yes. We want to see Family reunification for these immigrants, and we believe that giving them permanent residency ( as allowed under the previous law) are a good way , for Syrians, for example, who are not able to go back to Syria for the foreseeable future – to settle well in Sweden”

She says this despite almost all of Syria now liberated from terrorists groups and the Syrian Government urging Syrian Citizens to return.

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