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Sweden's genius solution for Stopping criminal gangs in Gothenburg - coffee and a sandwich

Sweden’s genius solution for Stopping criminal gangs in Gothenburg – coffee and a sandwich

The neighborhood of Nordstan, located in downtown Gothenburg, has been a gathering place for “people with social problems and at risk youth” according to Göteborgs Posten. However, the locals residents refer to this group as Muslim criminal immigrant gangs. 

By – Brünnhilde

Now, a new concept has emerged to stop the advance of criminal gang activity. Social and law enforcement agencies and organizations have agreed to buy a café bus. This will provide anti-social and criminal youth the option of drinking a cup of coffee instead of robbery, stealing, and selling drugs.

Not only will the bus serve coffee, but will serve as a basis for “building relationships” among the antisocial and criminal immigrant youth. One would hope that this relationship building will make young people responsive to “continue to pretend through motivational talks and counseling.”

The café bus should primarily be utilized during the evenings and nights during the weekend and ambulate between a number of “messy places” in Gothenburg. An initial attempt was made this past weekend.

Emma Forseth, a business developer for Skyddsvärnet, believes that a sandwich should also be offered. The philosophy behind this initiative is, “full people are calmer people.” Therefore it is believed that people with stomachs full on a hot cup of coffee and a sandwich, their inclination to commit crimes should decrease among the individuals of the target group.

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Some of the gangs are the so-called the “Moroccan street children” and are in Sweden illegally. After they drink a coffee and eat a seafood sandwich it should be no problem to get them to a local church homeless shelter.

For “troubled youth,” one hopes that a conversation over a coffee will serve as a “disarming entrance” so criminals want to leave criminal life and begin to live a more honorable one.

“It may be mundane,” said Forseth, assuming the project could face criticism from those who believe crimes should be solved with police and illegal immigration with expulsion.

“But sometimes, the simplest things are more effective.” Forseth said in defense.

Lotta Rosander, who is the coordinator for the security for Nordstand for Social Resource Management, shares Forseth;s confidence in this project. The “Security Bus” will lead to more adults in Nordstan that believes she will lead them into a safer environment.

While Rosander is forced to acknowlege that Nordsta is a little calmer and more secure as of late and the police have made great efforts to clean up, like Brunnsparken, she states, “But there is still a lot of crime and drug handling on the spot. Therefore the Café Bus is needed.”

The trial period will last for four months and then be evaluated for a possible extention.

Source: Mats Dagerlind, samnytt.se

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