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Sweden: Six out of ten women feel insecure

Half of all Swedes feel insecure in their cities and crime, because few police and drunk persons are the main reasons. A cording to  Technology and Architectural Group Project Commitment Report The Social Barometer. Most unsafe are the residents of Stockholm, Södermanland and Uppsala, while the Gotlands and Norrbottens are the ones who feel safe.


The social barometer 2017 is based on a survey of Kantar Sifo, carried out on behalf of Project Engagement. In total, 2,500 Swedes have answered questions about social development in their cities. The survey shows that almost half of the Swedes feel unsafe where they live, and among them they say every tenth that they are never completely safe.

The main reason for the Swedes feeling unsafe is worry about crime, which accounts for 73 percent. After that, few police and drunk people are the most common reasons for being insecure in their cities. Another concern, mainly among women, is the darkness. A total of six out of ten women feel insecure after dusk.

“It’s very important to feel safe where you live. Both municipalities and community developers must therefore take responsibility for both lighting and planning in construction and management. In this way we can create a safer society where residents feel more secure, “says Per-Arne Gustavsson , CEO of Project Engagement.

Gotland – Sweden’s Most Secure County
According to the Social Barometer, the Goths are the ones who feel safe in Sweden, which accounts for 70 percent of them always. Then there are the Norwegians and Jönköping residents who think that their cities are most secure. On the other hand, least secure people feel in Stockholm and Södermanland. 57 percent and 53 percent, respectively, indicate that they sometimes feel insecure.

Highlights – The Swedes feel most secure:
1. Gotland County 70%
2. Norrbotten County 66%
3. Jönköping County 59%
4. Jämtlands län 59%
5. Värmlands län 59%

Highlights – The Swedes feel least safe:
1. Stockholm County 57%
2. Södermanland County 53%
3. Uppsala County 50%
4. Skåne County 50%
5. Örebro County 48%

About the survey The
Social Barometer 2017 is based on a survey of Kantar Sifo carried out on behalf of Project Engagement. The survey was conducted in March 2017 in the form of a web site. In total, more than 2,500 people in Sweden aged 18 to 74 have participated in the study. The survey is statistically assured and representative at the national level.


Do you feel safe in your city?

All MAN Woman
Yes always 50% 56% 45%
Yes sometimes 37% 32% 43%
No 11% 11% 11%
Do not know 1% 1% 2%

What makes you feel insecure in your city?

All MAN Woman
crime 73% 80% 67%
Too few police officers 51% 56% 46%
Drunk / affected people 45% 40% 49%
Darkness 43% 25% 59%
Too bad health care 26% 23% 28%
Parks and Bus Cakes 17% 8% 24%
Too much traffic 16% 14% 18%
Congestion / Too many people 14% 13% 14%
Other 8% 13% 5%
Do not know 1% 2% 1%


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