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Sweden has two choices – but only one if she wants to survive!

Peter Springare is deeply concerned. The criminals are getting into position. Cracks are appearing in the police force. Increased violence against the police. All of these as a whole are clear signs of a very serious development into chaos, while at the same time enchanting in the media and engaging in Baghdad Bob rhetoric about what is happening.

By – rapport24

“You go out saying that you have full control. But it’s the other way around – we’ve entirely lost control,” writes Katerinamagasin

We completely agree with Springrare. We are completely led by the light of statistic, facts and truth.

We cry when we see how Sweden is being destroyed, how will it be for our children, grandchildren and our childrens’ grandchildren. We have been lucky to live in an open and democratic country and could not imagine in our wildest imagination that our country would be sold to wild foreign cultures in such a short time, and we wonder why and for what purpose.

Thank you Peter for your time! It was YOU who opened the eyes of ordinary people! It was you who opened Pandora’s ashes. People began to react to the madness in Sweden and our group’s content is now much more aware and hate is totally wrong in our society!

It’s your earning from the beginning! Take care! You still have the right, according to me.

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