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Sweden: Twitter Dark 'Darko Crncevic' As Social Media "Shutting Down" freedom of Speech

Sweden: Twitter Dark ‘Darko Crncevic’ As Social Media “Shutting Down” freedom of Speech

One of the most closely followed and shared twitter accounts in Sweden, @daccraft , run by ‘Darko Crncevic’ was closed down on September 13 without warning. ‘News Today’ interviewed Darko Crncevic about the suspension , his decision to move away from Sweden and how he feels about ‘freedom of speech’.

By – Elodie Lewis

According to the Swedish Newspaper ‘Expressen’ heard that on his twitter account he had used some edited video clips on the Expressen article by Lars Lindstrom and added the vinyl track ” Fredagsmys” .

There were complaints made to twitter about the video clips Darko had put up – relating to copyright issues.

Darko cited the American Term ” fair use” which in the legal context means that copyrighted material can be used in a limited way in certain situations ie: Satire.

In Swedish Law there is no equivalent to “fair use”. Twitter removed the video clips and Darko states that he stopped posting anything related to Expressen. However Twitter still closed his account last Thursday.

Darko has now opened a new social media account on Gab.ai.

Darko was interviewed about his shutdown on twitter and other aspects of so called ‘free speech’ The interview appears on his social media account on Gab.ai

‘The shutdown is it permanent?’
” I don’t know, I haven’t received any more information from Twitter. They asked about my address, my name and so on .”

‘Did you get any warning before the shutdown?’
None at all. Nothing from Expressen either. I had a message from Twitter that the video clips and photos had been removed . I asked Twitter if the video clips and photos would come under “fair use” as satire. No response from them at all “.

The post that started Darko Crnecevic rise to popularity was dated 13 February 2016 when he decided to leave Sweden . He gave his reasons as they way he thought the Country was heading in the wrong direction, he had serious concerns about the increased threat levels in Sweden , the increased cruelty and the raidly changing ” cultural norms”.

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Darko has always written on Twitter under an alias, but he has said that he himself is an immigrant who was raised in Sweden. In his long farewell ‘letter’ he said that he had moved to Poland.

‘How do you look at your decision to leave today?’
” I think I made the right decision. I took a long term view , I still think that although Sweden manages some things quite well , they are not thinking about the damage currently being done to Sweden with increased crime and instability/problems in schools etc”.

Darko Crnecevic is not the first case of social media shutdown or censorship lately. It has particularly hit Sweden’s ‘Satirical’ Commentators. Aron Flam was shut down just before the Swedish election , and turned off for 30 days from FaceBook.

When Jens Ganman and Magnus Carlsson released their cartoon ” So that’s right” on YouTube it was taken down after an hour. It has since been posted on alternative sites- link.

“Sweden has no working Satire scene today. As soon as it get’s close to the truth, it is seen as a ‘problem’.

The main stream media in Sweden will present this kind of political satire in a negative light, any comments will be critical .
Another way the Swedish main stream media ‘censures’ uncomfortable stories is by not reporting about them at all – complete media silence.” comments Darko.

‘So what do you think of “freedom of Speech in Sweden today?’

” Freedom of speech in Sweden is bad – by law there is ‘freedom of speech – but the reality is there is a “penalty” for speaking out on certain issues. If you have different opinions from the Left-Liberal ruling class you will be penalized in different ways for having these ‘wrong opinions’. It’s a creeping kind of censureship – you can be vilified and viewed in a very negative way if you have these ‘wrong opinions’.

” The freelance journalist, Tim Pool on YouTube, says “Sweden has become creepily oppressive. There is now a sort of “do not ask questions” mentality , don’t question anything”.

” When you live in Sweden you may not realize how bad it is – but when I came to live in Poland and saw how people questioned things continually It really hit home just how bad things in Sweden had become.”

“Almost the worst thing in Sweden is the culture of “silence” by the people in power. They say nothing. They do not refer to anything – there is a complete silence on ‘uncomfortable issues’. It is almost more scary than having dissenting opinions – this creepy “silence” as if by their silence they can pretend nothing bad is going on”.

‘Is there anything more you wish to add Darko?’

Darko laughed and said he needed a ”break from Swedish Trams” and that Lars Lindstrom should not be exposed to ‘hate’ for his part in getting Darko banned . ” We can be bigger than that” he said .

Source: nyheteridag.se

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