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Sweden: Ten Muslim immigrants arrested for gang rape

Ten men arrested for raping a woman at age 30 in a stairwell in Fittja. The police suspect the gang targeted “particularly vulnerable women”.

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The rape lasted for several hours in Botkyrka municipality, according to the victim – a woman in her 30s.

– It has been implemented in a public space, but I do not want to go into detail. The woman was bothered afterwards, says Prosecutor Markus Hankkio, who heads the preliminary investigation.

– Ten Muslim immigrants suspected of serious rape. there of them are people among the ten who may not necessarily have been involved in the sex, but help instead.

The female plaintiff’s attorney, lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz, writes in an email to Metro:

“It’s a terrible rape that led to a very difficult torture-like trauma to my client. This is one of the hardest rape targets I encountered during my 26 years of operation. ”

The rape must have been completed one evening in mid-August last year.

But only in mid-June this year the first suspects could be arrested. Even though the police had secured tracks that could be matched by the NFC, National Forensic Center.

“There are long processing times at NFC and it went on time. In late autumn 2016, a few people were met after comparing samples of rape with DNA profiles in their records, says Mark Hankkio.

“Unfortunately, police have had much else to do and have not had the resources to work on the case until now, at the spring. Then you took a number of people in June.

Could not you suspect suspects of serious rape in just over six months due to lack of resources?

“Yes, but at the same time, the plaintiff’s state of health has not been the best either. She also needed some time to get rid of this. Then the police have worked to get further suspects in the meanwhile. It’s always good to have additional people heard suspiciously, “says Mark Hankkio.

In mid-June, four men, aged 18-24, were suspected of serious rape. Three of the men were arrested, and in the summer another five men were suspected of crimes. As late as last week, a tenth man was suspected of involvement in the group violence.

According to data from Metro, from a source of transparency to the investigation, up to 20 people may have participated in the rape. But at the moment, the police are not looking for further suspects.

– No, but we know there are more people who have been in the spot. But they are currently unable to identify who they are, says Mark Hankkio.

Some of the suspects have told them to know each other, but none of them should have previously had any connection with the victim.

“The suspects have a slightly different attitude to what has happened, but everyone denies crimes,” says Mark Hankkio, who does not want to tell why the woman was in the place.

Several of the suspects have been convicted of crimes in the past.

Accusations concerning the suspected group violence are expected to arrive in October.

– The investigation period is set to September 21, but more actions remain. Then it will probably take another week, says Mark Hankkio.

Five of the suspects of the gang rape:

Man, 21 years old:

Formerly convicted of theft and drug offense.

Male, 24 years old:

Earlier convicted of, among other things, threats to officials, drug smuggling, human rights and sexual exploitation of children.

Man, 18 years old:

Formerly convicted of abuse, violent opposition and attempted violence against civil servants.

Man, 19 years old:

Formerly convicted of theft and drug offenses

Male, 22 years old:

Formerly convicted of drug abuse, robbery, illegal driving and attempted gross fraud.

The police suspects: The gang in Fittja focused on “particularly vulnerable women” – and raped them.

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