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Sweden: Eight out of ten girls feel insecure in Uppsala

Eight out of ten girls feel insecure when outdoors in Uppsala. Shows a new survey from the Region Uppsala, writes UNT. Police in the city say there are “immigrant boys” who give up on the girls.


Not more than two out of ten girls in high school, or 18.5 percent, feel safe when staying outdoors in central Uppsala. In 2013, that figure was 45 percent.

Insecurity has thus risen sharply.

It shows a survey from the Region Uppsala, answered by 3,900 young people, writes the local newspaper UNT.

The investigation is supported by Daniel Larsson, commissioner at Uppsalapolisen. He has given his teenage daughters clear restrictions and told them not to be in town or at the Resecentrum in the evenings.

Daniel Larsson believes that “immigrant boys in group” attack the Swedish girls, writes UNT.

“They are more offensive when dealing with girls,” police commissioner told the newspaper, pointing out that he received telephone calls from their daughters when they were persecuted by immigrants.

UNT has also talked to other parents who more or less forbid their daughters to stay at Resecentrum in Uppsala. Uppsalon Sten Widmalm tells the newspaper of his daughters been hunted and held by the young men but fortunately managed to escape.

In order to increase safety, the municipality of Uppsala has, among other things, since in July, set up guardians who patrol at the center and more surveillance cameras at Resecentrum.

Erik Pelling (S), municipality council in Uppsala, finds it terrible that so many girls feel insecure and hope that the new measures will help. However, there is no question of reducing immigration. Uppsala has received many so-called unaccompanied refugees in recent years.

Among boys in high school, safety has fallen from 69.6 percent in 2013 to 51.7 percent this year.

The question posed in the survey was: Do you feel safe in the city or at the center?

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