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SVT teaches the people how to avoid fake news: Do not read alternative media

The Swedish national public TV (SVT) teaches the people how to avoid fake news: Do not read alternative media

How to do not be fooled by fake news? SVT has developed a quick guide: You should read “traditional media” instead of alternative media.

By – Brünnhilde

The Swedish national public TV broadcaster, also known as the SVT, has developed a quick “how to” guide advising the public on how to avoid fake news by encouraging them to read “traditional media” rather than alternative media.

“This way, you will not be fooled by fake news,” they claimed on their website…

The headline is posted on SVT’s website, followed by an explanation about “fake news and alternative facts spread on everyday social media.”

They offered several examples to demonstrate how the public should avoid fake news. SVT chose to interview Jesper Strömbäck, professor of journalism, in order to convince the Swedish public that watching “traditional” media was the only way to avoid “alternative facts”.

“The first is to rely on traditional media rather than different types of alternative media. The second is to share different news sources. If the same information is confirmed by different sources of news, and each is credible and serious, the probability of factuality increases,” reports SVT.

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According to Strömbäck, you should also review the underlying facts in the article to ascertain for yourself if the “core” of the message is correct.

Jesper Strömbäck is not unknown in media contexts, but has previously publicly denied in a Danish newspaper allegations that the Swedish media had darkened the subject of immigration. According to Strömbäck, the claim lacks support in research.

His “research authority” was then questioned by economist Tino Sanandaji, who wrote on Facebook, among other things:

“It is interesting to note that there is no such research in existence that would prove or disprove the Swedish media’s darkness about immigration. In other countries, studies have shown that media bias occurs.

SVT attempts to present Jesper Strömbäck as an impartial authority and proof that the media never darkens. But Strömbäck is hardly a neutral judge – he previously worked as an immigration advocator for Fredrik Reinfeldt and as an immigration lobbyist for the Timbrosphere.”

In 2016 Jesper Strömbäck published the book “Without Immigration, Sweden”, concluding that immigration develops the country’s culture, strengthens the economy and is absolutely necessary for Sweden.
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