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Sweden: Over 150 sex attacks at summer festivals including 20 rapes

There were more than 150 sex attacks, including 20’s rapes, during the summer’s festivals in Sweden. Review of police figures from the newspaper Metro. The number of sex crimes overall has not decreased.


At the end of July, Sweden’s Radio P3 reported that the number of reported sex attacks at festivals decreased. But now that summer is really over, it does not seem that the sex crimes have become fewer except in some places.

According to a new review by Metro, based on figures requested from the country’s police regions, more than 150 reported sex crimes occurred at the country’s festivals.

Most cases are about sexual abuse, but in the figure are also included 20 rapes plus a number of rape attempts.

The worst of all the festivals was the Malmö Festival, where 30 were reported. The Bråvalla Festival, which became known for sex crimes and which, due to its setting next year, was hit by 23 sex crimes.

At Härnösand’s city festival, 22 were reported, which is an extreme increase compared to last year when only one abuse was reported. In addition, it is a small festival, with only about 6,000 participants.

“It was very boring,” says Thomas Nyberg, local police district manager in southern Ångermanland, about the big increase to Metro.

At the Emmaboda Festival, the abuse increased from 6 to 13, and during the Summerburst Festival in Stockholm, the number rose from 2 to 9.

At Putte in the Park in Karlstad, however, the sex break fell from enormous 40 last year to just 4 this year.

Most rapes were reported in Emmaboda: 4 (1), Bråvalla Festival: 4 (5), Brännbollsyran in Umeå: 3 (2) and Härnösands Stadsfest: 3 (0).

“The figures are roughly in line with the number of sexual offenses reported the year before, but can not be compared directly because some of the festivals have not been implemented both years,” Metro writes.

In addition, the darkness is believed to be large.

Around 15 of the reported crimes should already have been canceled.

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