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READ MORE: Sweden: Serial rapist convicted for the third time- yet “impossible” to expel

Sweden: Serial rapist convicted for the third time- yet “impossible” to expel

Nigerian David Akinremi, 29, in Göteborg has once again been convicted of rape. It is the third time since 2011 that he is convicted of the same sexual attack crime against different women. 

By – Brünnhilde

But under current legislation, it is seemingly impossible to expel him back to Africa – simply because he has received a Swedish passport one year after registering in Sweden.

The first time that David Olatunji Akinremi was convicted of rape was in February 2011 – then under his former name Babatunde Olatunji Sanyaolu.

Together with his friend Juan Carlos Perea Caracas – who was on parole after murdering 81-year-old Uno Andersson Christmas 2007 – he had targeted a 16-year-old Swedish girl at a party.

During the party, the girl had consumed so much alcohol that she was unconscious when a group of men drove her to an isolated place and raped her together.

Akinremi and his killer friend filmed the assault and during the film, the girl can be seen begging in vain for them to stop their brutal atack. The murderer taunted to the 16-year-old that they would release her only if she “did some things” for them first.

For his participation in the violent attack, David Akinremi was sentenced to three years in prison. But after the short prison sentence, it did not take long before the Nigerian man attacked another woman.

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Under his new name, David, he attended an after-party in May 2016 at an apartment in Sveavägen, Gothenburg. A woman at the party fell asleep on a couch but later woke up to discover the African man violently raping her.

In its shocking judgment in July 2016, the District Court ruled that “it had been such a long time” since David Akinremi was convicted for his last rape crime that “neither this relationship or his history” should affect the punishment value.

As a result, the convicted rapist was sentenced to a mere two years imprisonment for his violent attack, even lower than the minimum sentence for such a crime.

The verdict was subsequently confirmed by the court of appeal. In practice, it meant that he was imprisoned at the Forest Center in Göteborg between 31 May 2016 and 30 September 2017 after which he was released on parole.

In December 2017, witnesses reported to the police that a third woman had been attacked by Akinremi. Two witnesses, one of whom worked at a women’s crisis center, testified that the woman had described the exact same rape that took place in December 2015 for them.

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From the prison, David Akinremi had repeatedly contacted the third woman. She was then advised to write a personal letter to the African to make him stop.

An excerpt from the detailed letter of her brutal attack reads:

“I wanted to get rid of the pain. I tried to get rid of you.” I screamed: ‘FINISH, END !! You’re hurting me so bad.’ But you just pushed it deeper and harder. I did what you told me to do, I shut up, tried to relax so that it would end sooner. I want you to get hurt. When you finished, you said it felt better. You fell asleep. I went to the toilet and I cried.”

Now, David Akinremi has been convicted of the third rape in Göteborg’s District Court.

This time, Akinremi’s punishment is even lower: one and a half years in prison.

Since the third rape was committed before Akinremi was convicted of the second, the crimes shall be “punished together according to the principles of multiple reduction in multiple crime”, according to the District Court.

According to the Population Register, David Akinremi was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He was registered in Sweden in August 2000 and was already granted Swedish citizenship in March 2001.
Therefore, under current legislation, the African man cannot and will not be expelled from Sweden – he will be allowed to stay no matter how many rapes he continues to commit against Swedish women.

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