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Sweden: SEK 195 million to refugee children

The government has allocated SEK 195 million to allow unaccompanied persons who are 18 years old to stay in the municipality they live in, 10 million go to Stockholm.

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When so-called unaccompanied, who is in an asylum process, reaches 18 years, the responsibility goes from the municipality to the Migration Board. This usually means that people have to move from the municipality and to an asylum resident.

But now the government has a great deal of effort – so that the unaccompanied people can stay in the same municipality.

The government will postpone a temporary municipal contribution of SEK 195 million.

10 of these close to SEK 200 million go to Stockholm.

According to Social Security Council Åsa Lindhagen (MP), the money will be invested in finding easier solutions and temporary premises.

But the money can also go to private individuals who would like to receive immigrants.

refugee children

“There are many Stockholmers who know a lot about these young people. These can be family homes that can be given some support to keep these young people, says Åsa Lindhagen to P4.

According to the Swedish Migration Board, there are 400 children who are 18, and this year the money that Stockholm gets will be enough for next summer.

As of July 1 this year, a new compensation scheme began for municipalities receiving the so-called unaccompanied. Under the new system, municipalities will normally not receive compensation for asylum seekers after they reach 18. The state is responsible for the reception of adults during the asylum period. Those who have reached the age of 18 are thus expected to move to the Migration Board’s facilities.

These funds, which are now being delivered, which arose after a deal between the government and the Left Party, will be distributed proportionally to the municipalities on the basis of how many enroll asylum seekers waiting for a final decision in their asylum case.

“The agreement of the Government and the Left Party makes it possible for municipalities to let the single youngsters in the asylum process, who are still waiting for a final decision in their case, stay in the municipality where they stay,” the government writes.

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