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Sweden Police Dan Eliasson: “Help Us, Help Us”

5000 criminals divided into 200 networks. Policeman Dan Eliasson presented Sweden’s 61 vulnerable areas. And he is worried. – Help us, help us, appease to other social actors.

Via: Erling Borén 

It was a well-attended press conference in which the police presented the report highlighting 61 vulnerable areas, of which 23 are regarded as “vulnerable” – eight more compared to 2015. According to Dan Eliasson, these 23 areas are characterized by a “widespread inclination to participate in the legal process and that The police have difficulty fulfilling their mission “. 

In total, the police estimates that there are 5,000 criminals in Sweden, divided into 200 networks.

New on the list is Tynnered, where recent shootings at Frölunda Torg have contributed to the area being on the list. In addition, Norrby and Hässleholmen / Hulta in Borås are pointed out as particularly vulnerable.
The fact that Sweden is in a serious situation is clearly stated in the report. But Sweden has reached a point of pain is something that Dan Eliasson does not agree with.

“No, we are a country not at a pain limit, but we are in a situation where we should not be. If the social contract is to keep, and that people want to pay taxes and participate in society, then do not run away anymore, but we have to reverse the trend.

In order to curb the development , which often has its background in drug trafficking, more and more policemen are required and that policemen want to stay longer in the profession. 

In addition, the report states that more severe punishment is required for arms crimes and increased camera surveillance capabilities.

“There is light in the tunnel, by the end of 2018, we will be more policemen, but it depends a lot on what the government is willing to provide in terms of new resources. We have heard the Interior Minister talk about 10,000 new police officers.

“In order to keep existing policymakers in the profession, we want to provide greater opportunities for policymakers to do internal careers, which also means higher salaries for those people.

A main theme of the report is also that the police appeal to other authorities, municipalities and civil society.

“Today we have a better dialogue with the City of Gothenburg compared to a few years ago. The same applies to the dialogue with Borås city. Regarding Gothenburg, we need more area polices to increase police presence, among other things, in Tynnered, says Klas Friberg, the Polish region of the West.

The police will now develop action plans for the vulnerable areas, so that more resources can be concentrated. Action plans shall cover three years. According to Dan Eliasson, the police’s National Operational Department is responsible for following up the plans.

Facts: Particularly vulnerable areas

Particularly exposed areas according to the police.

1. Alby / Botkyrka NY

2. Fittja / Botkyrka NY

3. Hallunda / Norsborg / Botkyrka

4. Husby, Stockholm

5. Rinkeby / Tensta, Stockholm

6. Ronna / Geneta / Lina, Södertälje

7. Bergsjön, Gothenburg

8. Bishopsgården, Gothenburg

9. Gårdsten, Gothenburg

10. Hammarkullen, Gothenburg

11. Hjällbo, Gothenburg

12. Lövgärdet, Gothenburg

13. Tynnered / Grevegården / Opaltorget, Gothenburg  NY

14. Hässleholm / Hulta, Borås  NY

15. Norrby, Borås  NY

16. Rosengård Malmö

17. Södra Sofielund, Malmö

18. Nydala / Hermodsdal / Lindängen, Malmö  NY

19. Araby, Växjö

20. Karlslund, Landskrona NY

21. Skäggetorp, Linköping.

22. Gottsunda, Uppsala NY

23. Vivalla, Örebro

Source: Sweden Police 

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