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Sweden Police chief Erik Nord: deny ISIS terrorists their citizenship

Police chief Erik Nord thinks Sweden should deny suspected Islamists their citizenship and tear up their passports – just like Britain now does. 

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“If the terrorist attacks continue, my image is that Sweden and other Western European countries will take the same action as they are now practicing in Britain,” said the police chief of Greater Gothenburg, Erik Nord, to GP.

The efforts to combat terrorism have escalated drastically in Britain. Only this year, 40 terrorist suspects’ British passports have been demolished. It is a high figure that it has been picked 152 in total from 2011 and up to now, The Times reveals .

The majority, about 30 people, were deprived of their citizenship after the terrorist attacks in the heart of London that shook the whole of Britain in March, the Times writes. Then followed another terrorist council in the English capital and one in Manchester.

The latter is considered among the most ruthless of the Islamic attacks in Europe because the target was a pop concert where the majority of visitors were children and young people. 22 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured. Ten of the deaths were under 20 and the youngest was an 8 year old girl.

Dual citizenship

After the first death in London, the intelligence department warned that there were risks that over 300 war-hardened terrorists could return from terrorist attacks and cause havoc. All on the list had dual citizenship which allows one to lose one. According to international law, one can not tear a passport if it means that a suspect becomes stateless.
The extremely concrete list prompted the politicians in Britain to act immediately. The number of “order for deprivation of citizenship” was multiplied.

“England has suffered from the Islamic terror several times this year, and therefore action is being taken,” argues Erik Nord.

Yet another factor occurred when British politicians accelerated the pace of terrorist attacks. One realized that too little has been done to prepare for the end of the Islamic state’s self-proclaimed caliphate in Syria and Iraq. The returning terrorists pose a high security risk, warning Europol.

“We have” just “had a terrorist attack this year, but much has changed since then. I do not think it’s a long time until we can remove citizenship as well as residence permits from people trying to break the liberal democracy we have here in Western Europe, says the policeman in Greater Gothenburg, Erik Nord.

Major crimes against terrorism

However, in order for a similar order to be introduced in Sweden, it would require a lot more of the police. Certainly it is now clear that the police invests 400 million SEK in terrorism. The goal is increased ability to intervene, both external and out-of-court policymakers are reinforced, with weapons, protective equipment and recruitment, as well as education, but the results of the police’s findings are fundamental in this discussion, meaning terrorist expert Louisa Tarras-Wahlberg.

– From a practical perspective, it is often difficult to prosecute people for this type of crime. It is often difficult to bring proof of what an individual has done and to substantiate the actions in court for a convicting sentence.

Over 150 jihadists have been deprived of citizenship and are forbidden from returning to Britain.


How do you look at the British method?

“It is easy to turn to legislation as the only solution. I think we should take care to rely on repressive measures too much.

The police chief of Greater Gothenburg, however, argues that development is untenable. He believes that the British model should at least be justified for future unexpected events.

“Today we have reinforcement weapons with us in the daily service to shorten the settlements if we suffer from a new terrorist attack. Had I suggested it a few years ago, I had said that I exaggerated and went too far. Things that were unthinkable before are now reality. The development is taking place as the situation changes, says Nord.

The terrain expert believes the focus has to change. To invest the most money in crisis measures is counterproductive, in her opinion:

“We must focus on the root causes. Terrorism is not a problem that we can legislate away, but this is something we have to work hard with, emphasizes Louisa Tarras-Wahlberg.

Then she adds:

“One has to ask how effective such a measure is, given that Britain has been exposed to several terrorist attacks this year. The most important thing is to achieve comprehensive preventive work in society, where all the municipalities, together with the police and security police, work in the long term.

What could it be for action? 

– Do all teachers in Gothenburg know how the IS flag looks like? Is the police active in local collaboration? Does everyone in the social services know where to turn if they get an alarm about suspected radicalization? There are some basic questions we need to work with. There is still a lot to do on the basal plane.

Erik Nord, in the end, maintains that there is already such a serious threat from radical Islamists that the police need more powers. All in order to secure Sweden.

“This is not ETA or IRA that you can negotiate a permanent peace with, I think we will still live with the threat of jihadism in the future. If the terrorist attacks continue to target us in Western Europe, more people will think about doing like England. We can not have people here who propagate to overthrow democracy in the society that has been so generous and received, “concludes Erik Nord, police chief in Greater Gothenburg.

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