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Sweden paying millions to immigrants to leave the country

Record-hi  sums are paid to immigrants in Sweden to make them return to their home countries. Many of those returning are Afghans. So far this year, more than 67 million kronor have been paid in different return Funds.

Via: svd.se

So far this year, SEK 67 million has been paid in financial Funds to immigrants to get them to leave Sweden and return back home.

Such amount has never been paid before. Last year 68 million were paid out, which will be hit this year.

That’s includes the rehabilitation grant of SEK 30,000 for adults and 15,000 for children. A family can get up to SEK 75,000 to leave Swedish soil.

It is mainly Iraqis and Afghans who have applied to receive the money.

“A person returning to Afghanistan can live on this for more than a year,” says Kristina Ränna, Process Manager for Return to the Migration Board, to SvD, and points out that it is good to be able to show a “carrot” for immigrants.

But there are also more people who want so-called reintegration efforts of SEK 23,000, which can go to courses such as courses or starting their own. Since June 2016, SEK 8.4 million has been spent on such efforts.

However, the return is getting and they are getting fewer. Last year, 9,610 people left Sweden voluntarily, but only 4,667 people did the same this year. Among other things, it is reported to be difficult for immigrants to get work in their country of residence, and then they prefer to stay here. In addition, countries such as Iraq or Iran refuse to be forced back.

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