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Sweden: Parents in Rinkeby want to avoid “Swedish values”

On Wednesday, social services, politicians and ideals gathered at the Fryshuset in Stockholm to discuss efforts against honor-related violence and oppression.

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It’s about families that force their children and teens to live as the family dictates, without freedom. Forced Radicalised and violence are common elements of the suppression of honor.

Carina Rennermalm is former Rector of Rinkeby School and thinks she is seeing trends in increased honor in the Järva area. For example, because more children in pre-school age wear hijab.

It has even gone so far that parents with immigrant backgrounds choose schools that they consider to be Swedish because they do not want their children to be affected by “Swedish values”.

“I have also had many parents who have just come to me and said they do not choose school here because they do not believe in the values ​​they call Swedish values,” says Carina Rennermalm.

“It is extremely important that we ensure that every school in Sweden is based on a democracy mission, ensuring that the curriculum is followed and that each student’s equal value is respected,” says Åsa Lindhagen (MP) Social Council.

When the government presented its legal package on Tuesday, 100 million was proposed against honor suppression in 2018. A survey of how common suppression of honor is to be done also.

“We know that it’s a big problem and therefore we have said it is important to do a survey, but we will not wait for a survey to act,” says Åsa Lindhagen.

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