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Sweden: P4 Kronoberg will broadcast local news in Arabic

Congratulations to you who pay TV fee, How can they learn Swedish if all adapted to their native language? Suck  integration / assimilation . Could It be related to the volumes of integration ?


Arabic is the language of the new arrivals that have come in recent years. It is important that this group gets to know what’s happening locally, “says Ulf Myrestam channel manager at P4 Kronoberg.

But there will be no Arabic news broadcasts in the ether, but the broadcasts will be on the web page.

“We will advertise through social media but also do a drive locally and search for possible listeners groups.

Similar bets earlier

A number of years ago, P4 sent local news on Serbo-Croatian and Greek.

– That need is no longer available. Now the new groups need this service, explains Ulf Myrestam.

The project will last for almost six months and will start next week.

– There is only one more similar project in Sweden today. It’s Mittmedia in Gävle who has local news in Arabic in an app , says Ulf Myrestam, Channel Manager at P4 Kronoberg.

Sweden’s Radio sends rich news in several languages , including Arabic, P2 and the Web.

The reporter fled himself from Syria

The news reporter is Sam Edward. He came as a refugee to Sweden from Syria seven years ago. Following a critical article in the home country about the President’s relatives, he was taken by the military, imprisoned and tortured.

He has experienced how difficult it may be to enter a new country.

“Before you have learned the language, you are often handed out to information from local networks. It can be friends and acquaintances, but also other people in one’s surroundings.

As a complement to the local news broadcasts twice a week, there are different elements of social information and portraits on people who have managed to establish themselves in Sweden in various ways. Everything in Arabic.

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