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Sweden: Nine new cities to be built to accommodate all Muslim immigrants

To accommodate all new residents in Sweden, the government wants to build nine new cities in the country. In total, it is about 100,000 homes, the government announces on its website. In addition, we want to mix the areas and keep the rents down, to create better “integration”


Between January 2016-2017, Sweden’s population increased by almost 1.5 percent. After Luxembourg, it is the largest increase across the EU, statistics from Eurostat show . This means that Sweden’s population grew with more than 144,000 inhabitants in one year.

The reason for population growth is the major immigration.

Therefore, housing shortage in Sweden has become an ever bigger problem and so-called vulnerable groups are said to be particularly difficult to find housing.

Now the government wants to build nine new cities in Sweden to accommodate all people.

During the Friday, Housing Minister Peter Eriksson (MP) presented nine areas in six municipalities that the government coordinator chose to proceed with on the basis of the mission of enabling plans for new, sustainable urban areas and cities.

“This is about 100,000 new homes,” says Peter Eriksson in a statement.

“The idea is that the state should be able to remedy obstacles to exploitation by helping to develop new infrastructure. It can trade new tracks, stations, and support for innovations. Two new railroads to Uppsala in the National Infrastructure Plan are a clear example of the fact that this work has already given effect.

Friday’s presentation is a partial report of the mission to coordinate greater collective exploitation, which is one of the points in the government’s 22-point program for more housing.

An appendix to the report states that the strategy should be “to create conditions for New Zealand’s integration”.


“By planning for different types of housing and keeping the cost level of rental rights low, the area can contribute to increased integration,” writes.

In social media, many are skeptical of the idea, meaning that it will end in a new failed million program. The Million Program was a housing construction project in Sweden 1965-1975, adopted at the Social Democrats party congress in 1964. Massive housing complexes were built to overcome the existing housing shortage.

The cities proposed are:

Landvetter south in Härryda municipality (10,000 homes)
Segersäng in Nynäsham municipality (7-10,000 homes)
Hemfosa in Haninge municipality (12,000 homes)
Alsike in Knivsta municipality (10,000 homes)
Nydal in Knivsta municipality (12,000 homes)
Mountain wells and Southern city of Uppsala municipality (33,000 residential units)
“Nysala” in Uppsala and Knivsta municipalities (20,000 residential units The
industry in Gävle municipality (4-6,000 residential units)

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