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That's the way Sweden police expose Muslims

Sweden: Muslim Taxi driver rape video: “I swear to Allah I’ve drunk her – maybe she’s kidding me”

After a party night, The woman woke up naked in a couch. It turned out that an Arab taxi driver had raped her when she was unconscious. Now Omar is sentenced from Iraq to a minimum sentence and eliminates expulsion because he claims to be in danger of “persecution” in his country of origin.

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A 20-year-old woman was raped at an address in Kristinehamnsgatan in Farsta in early January. The rapist, 30-year-old Omar Muslim from Iraq, saw her chance after becoming unconscious of intoxication.

Before the event they had met at the hook “The Laughing Duck” in Stockholm at 01 o’clock. She had visited another corner earlier in the evening and was very affected when she accompanied Omar and his taxi driver colleagues and friends to the apartment with his friend.

During the police interview, the woman told her that her last memory image from the evening was that she drank in the bar, but then everything became black. What she remembered was that she woke up naked with Omar in a sofa bed in an unknown apartment, even though she had fallen asleep in a bed.

– Haha, I’ve had sex with you!  Said the taxi driver to his victim the following day, according to the woman’s testimony.

Omar has stated in police hearings that he himself has some memory slots from the night and does not remember if he had intercourse with the woman. However, vaginal specimens taken at Södersjukhuset the following day contained sperm that, according to DNA test, comes from Omar.

The woman told me that she had asked the Arab straight in the morning if he had sex with her. He will then be laughing at her and saying yes.

A film sequence from Omar’s mobile was used as evidence. In the film, he is heard during the rape night in Arabic:

“I swear to God, it’s a pity I’ve made her get very drunk. I’ll try with ******, maybe she gives me a fuck. It’s for you ****** that I’m filming.

– By God, I have drunk her, would try to ******, accept to give me a fuck, I’m preparing ***** to film.

The woman has felt very bad after the rape. She has nightmares every night, can not sleep next to anyone and has woken up in the middle of the night several times in panic. She has suffered from a depression, does not want to meet people and has been diagnosed with PTSD.

Södertörn’s District Court has now sent Omar to two years in prison, which is the minimum punishment for rape. He will also pay $ 115,000 in damages to the woman.

The taxi driver is a citizen of Iraq and was granted a residence permit in February 2012 due to his or her spouse who is a Swedish citizen. He was granted a permanent residence permit in November 2014.

The prosecutor had demanded expulsion, but the request for expulsion was dismissed by the District Court on the grounds that Omar is at risk of “persecution” at home in Iraq.

“There is no reason for the district court to assess the grounds for expulsion due to the risk of persecution that Omar has spoken,” writes Södertörn’s district court in its verdict.

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