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20-year-old Muslim Afghan refugee cornered 13-year-old girl and raped her

Sweden: Muslim migrant rapes 13-year-old girl in public toilet, May stay in Sweden because he has become Christian

A 20-year-old asylum-seeker from Afghanistan has been convicted  raping a 13-year-old girl in Hallsberg. The Afghan’s sentence was reduced because he is not considered “fully grown,” and he will also stay in Sweden after serving his sentence, because he has both a wife and children here, and also claims to have converted to Christianity.
By – Brünnhilde

It was December 18 2017 that the accused rapist, a citizen of Afghanistan with a need for an interpretator, raped the 13-year-old girl in a public toilet in Hallsberg.

The man reportedly picked up the girl at her school and then purchased beer and whiskey that he groomed her with. When the girl became overly intoxicated from the alcohol, he started his attack on her.

The prosecutor believes that the 13-year-old was in a particularly vulnerable situation when she was heavily drunk in the moment. According to an alcohol test taken after the incident, the girl had a total of 1.9 percent of alcohol in the blood.

Several people have testified that the girl was drunk, but that the 20-year-old man prevented them from helping her.

Nobody had seen the rape itself.

The police have also identified DNA traces from the man on the girl. The prosecutor deems the crime as particularly serious when the man was infected with a sexually transmitted disease at the time he committed the rape.

The Afghan man, allegedly born in 1997, has acknowledged that he was in the toilet but denied that he knew how young the girl was or that he had raped her.

After the rape, the girl tried to get to a bus so she could go home. She walked several times around the parking lot on the way to the bus station. Two teenage girls who were a bit older saw her and understood that something was wrong. They helped the flushed and drunk girl and called her parents.
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As the observant teenage girls talked to the girl, they were told that she had been given alcohol and that she had had sex with a guy whom she did not want to have sex with. One of the teenage girls was able to take some pictures of the man with her cellphone, because he was nearby. The girl went that same evening to the University Hospital in Örebro for a medical examination.
Not “fully grown”
Two weeks ago, the verdict was handed down against the 20-year-old Afghan in Örebro District Court: two years imprisonment for rape of a child. He was also convicted of having molested an 18-year-old girl in Västerås in March of last year. He will also pay 145,000 kroner ($17,668) in damages to the girl he raped and 5,000 kroner ($609) in damages to the girl he molested.
The court wrote in its judgment that the Afghan man was not “fully grown” and therefore not “to be judged as strictly as an adult person” — despite having both wife and children in Sweden, and the Afghan couple are awaiting their second child.
According to the judgment, the 20-year-old has a high-level variant of hepatitis B, which is a sexually transmitted disease. When the sentence was given, it said that there was a “concrete risk” that the 13-year-old girl was infected with the disease, something that was not previously known.
Has become Christian.
Chamber prosecutor Allen Saruchanjan Sinelnikov requested in his lawsuit deportation for the 20-year-old Afghan. It was a request that the Örebro District Court refused.
The 20-year-old Afghan “has a daughter and a wife in Sweden. The wife is pregnant with an additional child,” the court wrote, claiming that the family “may suffer unreasonably” from the deportation.
In addition, the court believes that Afghan is at risk of “torture and death” in his country of origin, because he claims to have converted to Christianity. “A deportation must not happen,” the court said.
The Afghan child abuser will, therefore, stay in Sweden after serving his sentence.

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