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Sweden police to a Senior citizen, 71: “You may not write what you think and believe”

Denny Abrahamsson is being prosecuted for a series of posts on his Facebook page, which states, among other things, that Muslims have lower IQ and that the Muslim god is anything but loving. This has resulted in the police bringing him into interrogation and treating him like a criminal. During the questioning, the elderly man was extremely pressured by the interrogators to acknowledge his so-called hate crime and also was given an aggressive lecture as how to use his freedom of expression.

By – Brünnhilde

Social Affair has previously written about 71-year-old senior citizen Denny Abrahamsson who was charged with hateful crime against a group of people after writing that Islam is a fascist ideology. On June 26, he was released from the prosecution of Södertörn’s District Court. The reason for his release was not because the district court ruled that the opinion was part of Denny’s right to freedom of expression, but rather that the prosecutor had failed to sufficiently prove that it was Denny who wrote the prohibited words.

Today, Samnyttsnytt has revealed that the 71-year old Swedish man has been brought in once again, this time for a new hearing by the Democracy and Hate Breach Group at the Polish House in Stockholm. It has been found that he was again reported to the police by Tomas Åberg, from the state-funded Näthats Examiner. This time, the investigation focuses on five new comments in different groups on Facebook.

One of the comments that the police considers to violate the law on the topic of public interest is as follows:

“Inbreeding in the Islamic culture causes malformations, low IQ and aggression.”

Another was posted in the group named “Citizens of Sweden”:

“Why do Muslims often commit cruel acts against both humans and animals? Because Islam is worshiping the devil. Allah is Satan himself. What loving God would ask his supporters to chop the head of the opponents? What loving God would make animals be slaughtered by cutting their throat so that they stifle and suffocate in their own blood? What loving God would command unfaithful women to be stoned to death? Only a sadistic devil would command such wretched things. Muslims should read Jesus Mountain Sprites and behave civilized.”

During the hearing protocol, which Social News has learned, it appears that the police have this time done a solid job of linking Abrahamsson to the Facebook account that posted the comments. To Social News, he says he got a “aliba” with actions:

“They have spent at least a week on all this. They have copied my old family pictures and all that. It’s a pity that the police put so much resources on this at the same time as rape investigations are piling up. I do not understand it.”

During the interrogation, Abrahamsson used the same strategy that was popular with dissidents in the Soviet eastern states – he simply chose not to cooperate with the police. To all questions that could link him to the comments or account in question he answers “no comment”. At the same time, he was reportedly very talkative when the police asked him general questions about his values ​​- and there are many.

At one point, the interrogators end up in a discussion with Denny about the comment about lower IQ. When Abrahamsson points out that there is research showing that some peoples have a lower average IQ, the interrogators refused to believe it and asked him:

“Where have you read those surveys?”

“Yes, there’s so much on the internet,” the 71-year old man answered.

“Everything that is written, regardless of whether it is research, do you think it’s true?” asked the interrogator rhetorically.

Although the interrogator does not seem to know this, there are a number of researches focusing on the link between ethnic origin / race and IQ. The latest study of IQ and Global Inequality was published in 2006 by professors Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen and summarized several previous reports.

When the investigator reviews the comments one by one, Abrahamsson asks how much the investigation costed in tax assets:

“How many hours have you spent tax money on this?”

“Does it matter?” replied the interrogator.

“Yes, I think it’s a waste of tax money. We are on the verge of bankruptcy in Sweden, so it’s important to be careful about the money.”

In an answer to another commentary about Abrahamsson’s criticism that the police omit signals of suspected criminals, Abrahamsson states that there is a statistical evidence from BRÅ that rapists of foreign origin are overrepresented. Even this, the interrogators refuse to believe.

“It would never be true, nor would it register … Nowhere is anything written about origin, skin color or the like, BRU would never do it anyway,” the interrogator slammed back.

But neither is that correct. In 2005, BRA published its well-known targeted study on crime among persons born in Sweden and abroad. During the past six months, claims have been submitted to BRA pressuring them to update their study of new statistics, creating a heated political issue.

Closer to the end, the interrogator interupts an ongoing discussion of whether it is right to cut the throat of animals (the Islamic practice of Halal). Then Abrahamsson is subjected to the police officer who loses his temper and angrily snaps at him,

“you cannot write what you think and believe.”

When Samfeltnytt reaches Abrahamsson on the phone, he has definitely not given up.

“Has the previous prosecution affected your way of expressing yourself in social media?” they asked.

“No, it has not. That’s what they want. Their purpose is to silence people, to scare them. I will continue to express myself,” he explains with pride.

“How do you feel about the fact that you can be prosecuted again for hate against public groups immediately after you were released from the previous prosecution?”

“It’s too damning, I feel persecuted. There is no stop with this, there will be more persecutions in the future,” he answered.

According to Abrahamsson’s lawyer, it is even very likely that this case will go to court. On 17 July, the prosecutor will decide whether prosecution is being re-opened against Denny Abrahamsson.

Recently, the Moderates party political leader Ulf Kristersson mentioned in his speech in Almedalen that those who express “hatred” against Muslims – a word often mixed with criticism in the debate – will be “chased with full force”:

“We will respond with the total force of the rule of law,” he said in his speech.

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