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Sweden: New Muslim immigrants will save Sweden railroad

The problems of the Swedish rail industry will be solved with the aid of immigrants. The Swedish Transport Administration started a fast training for new Muslim immigrants arrivals. The new arrivals will “save the railroad”


The new education is at the Trafikverksskolan in Ängelholm. There, 50 newly arrived engineers with background in different industries will learn more about the Swedish rail network. The idea is then that they can be employed by the Swedish Transport Administration and private consultancy firms.

“The advantage is that they already have an engineering education and have a high level from the beginning. This means that we can build on the railways and the Swedish labor market in a relatively short space of time, “says project manager Tomas Frost.

Believe in the industry

Among the students is Osama Al Nasrallah, who previously worked as an electrical engineer in both the public and private sector in Syria. He has also become part of a construction company.

“This is a golden chance for me because the course is shortening the way from my education to working life.

But it’s not just a job he’s looking forward to, but he also has a strong belief in the rail industry.

“I like to work by rail and I think it’s important to the environment,” he says.

All approved get a job

During the training, participants will be able to choose to focus on track technology, signal systems or contact management networks. Interest in the industry has been great both among the participants and in the industry, so the outlook looks good when the course ends in the summer.

“The industry’s companies have signed declarations of intent that everyone will get a job on condition that they can complete the education,” says Tomas Frost.

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