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That's the way Sweden police expose Muslims

Sweden: Three Muslim immigrants did the robbery and killed policeman in Gothenburg

Three young Muslim immigrants have been asked for suspicion of suspicion for the robbery in Gothenburg on Sunday, when a police was arrested and died, demonstrates the release of the Free Times.

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It was at 9.30 am on Sunday as a Tip & Tobacco store at Kaggeledstorget in Gothenburg was subjected to an armed robbery of several masked persons.

One of the robbers threatened the staff with a gun.

After the robbery three of the perpetrators jumped over the E20 motorway at Ånäsmotet and a police officer who followed the robbers on foot was then hit by a motorist.

The injured Gothenburg police, 43-year-old two-year-old father Per, were driven to the Sahlgrenska Hospital for care but died from their injuries.

The fatal accident will be investigated but the driver who drove on Per is not suspected of any crime but it is currently seen as a pure accident.

But three younger men have now been arrested for likely reasons suspected of robbery that caused the tragic accident. The district court is of the opinion that there is a danger of refugees and that there is a risk that men will remove evidence or make it difficult to investigate if they are released.

All three are Muslim immigrants. Two of the men are 18 years old born in January 1999. The third is 24 years old and was born in January 1993.

All have interpretation needs in Arabic, according to the district court’s documentation.

One of the men is registered in Gunnilse, one has no address and the third is written in Angered.

Those who are detained for the robbery are not considered or have any criminal liability for the death of the police.

“But on the other hand, it’s obvious that it had not happened if they had not committed this robbery, chamber prosecutor Mehrdad Sanaei told GP earlier.

The fourth arrested person previously arrested will be detained by the social services since he is 16 years old and underage.

The policeman Per leaves two children, nine and six years old. The family has told Aftonbladet that he was a very caring and warm person, and his colleagues have described him as an extremely committed policy.

“You, as in your zeal and loyalty to want to seize and prosecute armed robbers, had to pay the ultimate price – your life. Just a couple of weeks ago we patrolled together on Smögen Bridge. Always with a smile, a lovely and special personality. With warmth and consideration “, Peppe Larsson writes on Twitter.

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