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Swedenstan: New Muslim Immigrants to be recruit to volunteer defense organizations

New Muslim Immigrants will be taken to volunteers defense organizations when they come to Sweden. That proposes by the Alliance parties in a riksdag motion. The parties argue that defense organizations can have an important “role in integration efforts”.

By – Brünnhilde

In Sweden there are 18 voluntary defense organizations working with the country’s civilian and military defense. The organizations recruit and train volunteers for a variety of tasks, As shown at  the Swedish Armed Forces’ website.

That will help new Muslim immigrants with integration work, the Alliance suggests.

It is the Sweden Democrat Paula Bieler who draws attention to the “Defense and Emergency Preparedness” campaign, where the Alliance parties write about the role of voluntary defense organizations in the integration work.

“Today, we prepare so-called integration issues in the Labor Market Committee. The Alliance is seriously proposing that new Muslim Immigrants enter the Volunteer Defense. New arrivals, not new citizens (which, in themselves, would only be considered in combination with heavily tightened citizenship requirements.) Security Spots, Anyone? , is not the defense sufficiently strained as it is?), “writes Paula Bieler in social media.

“Many Swedes have chosen to engage in any of the 18 defense organizations in the last hundred years. At the same time as they have contributed to civil and military defense, they have learned new skills and gained new acquaintances,” they write and continue:

“NGOs have a long history of social work and responsibility. We therefore believe that they can make a good contribution to integration efforts. Like many Swedes before them, new arrivals could participate in meaningful activities and education while at the same time feeling that they clearly ways to contribute to their new country. The commitment will provide newly arrived access to important networks in Swedish society and also prepare a way into the labor market, “the parties write in their motion.

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