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Sweden left Solution For forest fires : “Increase immigration”

Sweden’s left Solution For forest Fires: “Increase immigration”

Andreas Magnusson from the left magazine Paragraph has come up with a solution to stop more forest fires: “Increased immigration”. Then there will be more people who can detect and extinguish the fires on time, he says.

By – Brünnhilde

No, it’s not fun. Andreas Magnusson, chronologist at the Magazine Paragraph and “antirasist”, wants to stop future forest fires from emerging by increasing immigration to Sweden even more.

He writes in a fresh chronicle on Friday.

It may seem strange. But he thinks it’s logical.

According to Magnusson, the fires are due, among other things, to the fact that large parts of Sweden, especially in the north, are unpopulated.

More people will be able to discover and extinguish the fires, the idea is.

“When it starts to burn in a distant forest it takes time before it is discovered just because the location is remote, which causes the fire to spread well before it is noticeable. A fire that has spread properly is much harder to stop. populace, “he writes.

According to Andreas Magnusson, there is plenty of space in Sweden and the municipalities are dependent on immigration in order to survive. The country is also in danger of “growing again” without immigration, he believes.

He also refers to a statement made by Fredrik Reinfeldt in Danish Politics 2014, where the moderate ex-prime minister claims that there is “more room than you can imagine” in Sweden

With more people, northern Sweden would get so-called natural fire stops through roads and natural fire guards by immigrants settling there, the chronicle continues.

However, the Swedes do not manage to populate the area, according to Magnusson, but must bring in a lot of immigrants from other countries.

With higher asylum and labor immigration, Sweden, he concludes, can become a “real growth country where extensive forest fires are unusual”.

The magazine Paragraph is run by Dick Sundevall, who has previously been involved in the FNL groups and organizational secretary in Sweden’s Communist Party. Journalist Paulina Neuding has called the newspaper for “a business on the far left side”.

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