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Sweden's left Government: "We needs more MUSLIM immigration to succeed".

Sweden’s left Government: “We needs more MUSLIM immigration to succeed”.

Sweden needs more immigration from Muslim countries in order to achieve its “skill supply,” announced the government, which has taken several measures to find suitable skills abroad. Asylum immigration does not seem to have brought “proper qualifications” to the Swedish labor market.

By – Aabiörn Peterson

Despite enormously high immigration to Sweden, the country lacks the right skills. Now the government wants to solve it – with even more immigration.

These are specific areas where there is a shortage of labor.

Through migrant workers, the government wants to “strengthen the Swedish skill supply,” which was written on its website yesterday.

Sweden and Swedish employers “need international skills” that some asylum immigration apparently failed to bring the country.

According to the government, migrant workers from third-world and Muslim countries are, therefore, “particularly important for strengthening Swedish competitiveness in sectors where there are no individuals with the right qualifications in the Swedish labor market,” the Government Offices wrote.

“The number of highly skilled migrant workers in occupations where there is a shortage of the Swedish labor market has risen continuously in recent years,” says Minister for Migration Heléne Fritzon (S).

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-IT architects, computer specialists, and system developers now constitute the single largest group of migrant workers in Sweden. Likewise, the number of civil engineers has doubled in recent years.

The government also says that at the same time it has taken a number of measures to improve opportunities for finding the right skill.

Previous practices have sometimes led to forced migrant workers to leave Sweden due to minor discrepancies in the conditions underlying residence and work permits. The government has now introduced new legislation that allows the Migration Board to refuse to revoke a temporary residence permit for work on the employer without the Migration Board taking any action, which has rectified shortcomings in the terms of employment that would otherwise lead to recall.

The Migration Board’s development of the certification system has also contributed to shorter processing times for migrant workers to obtain a residence permit for work with certified employers.

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