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Sweden: The city council in Karlstad to built mosque on a church

It appears that a mosque will be built on the church in Rud in Karlstad – in close connection with the Christian cemetery. The plans have aroused fierce protests among the residents.


Social Democrats, Left Party, Liberals, Environmental Party and Center Party voted yes on Tuesday for the proposed mosque while the Moderates and Christian Democrats voted no.

M and KD, however, are careful to point out that they do not mind a mosque, but because of housing shortages they want to use the 14,000 square meter area reserved for the Mosque for housing instead.

“Basically, this is about people’s right to exercise their religion and the possibility of building for that purpose,” says Linda Larsson (S).

The mosque in Karlstad has been planned for several years and generates strong feelings in the city. Protest lists and views have flowed into the municipality from unsettled residents, stated in a review report .

Some fear that the mosque will become a jihadist nursery, it will contradict contradictions between Shia and Sunni Muslims, or it will undermine genocide, anti-semitism and hostility against gay and women. 18 of those who submitted protests think Sweden should remain Christian or secular, while three say that Muslims should return to their homelands.

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