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Police photos on Nasir (left), Christian (middle) and Ali (on the right).

Sweden: Judged for gang rape but no expulsion

Three Muslims men raped a girl at the age of 15 while they took hold of her and held her. The sentence became prison and compensation – but all three may stay in Sweden.

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It was in mid April that the teenage girl met for the first time with the three men, in connection with a party in an apartment in Södermalm, Stockholm. That same night they exposed her to serious rape in a row, according to the District Court’s verdict announced on Friday.

According to the prosecutor’s description of the course of events, the men together and by mutual agreement have taken hold of the girl and held her arms while they were raping her during the all night.

Early the next morning, the girl alerted her dad in sms that she had been raped. Without jacket and shoes she left the residence and met the dad and alerted the police. Shortly thereafter the three men were arrested.

The district court drops all three

The trial has been on the prosecutor’s line and now condemns two of the men for gross rape to three years in prison. The third man is sentenced to two years in prison for assisting the rape.

They are judged to jointly pay SEK 165,000 in damages to the girl.

The prosecutor demanded that two of the men be expelled from Sweden. The district court is of the opinion that the serious crime justifies expulsion, but has finally landed for men to remain. In one of the cases reference is made to the man’s connection to Sweden, in the second case, for humanitarian reasons.

The men are judged against their denial. During the trial, the men told different stories of how they had volunteered sexual contact with the girl during the evening.

Elisabeth Massi Fritz, plaintiff attorney for the raped girl, believes that the convicting sentence is a “victory for justice”.

“I hope everyone is reading this judgment and realizing that the only right thing is to just report a police report. Never giving up and remembering that it’s never your fault as a victim of being raped, “says Massi Fritz.

Appeals – Want to see expulsion

She also announces that the judgment will be appealed.

“In any case, I will appeal against the sentence and the expulsion claim. Two of these guys lack Swedish citizenship and I do not think they should stay in Sweden, says Elisabeth Massi Fritz.

Attorney Magnus Ljungstedt represents the 19-year-old who is sentenced to assist in serious rape.

– He is convicted of very thin evidence, and in addition to assisting rape as the prosecutor did not even invoke. It will of course be appealed, “said the lawyer.

Attorney Daniel Svensson represents 20-year-old.

“I think the district court has landed completely wrong. Secondly, he has not taken care of his story, which he has left. Firstly, the technical evidence has been wrongly analyzed, he says.

Culprit: The woman’s fault

During the investigation, one of the men chose to blame the girl.

“NN believes that the plaintiff made a big mistake by sleeping alone with three boys in an apartment and that everything is her fault,” a person survey said with one of the men who was made by the frivolity.

Another suspect acknowledged that he had sex with the girl, but regretted because he had a girlfriend at the moment.

“He has a good relationship with the current girlfriend and says he is bad about his dealings when he has been confided by the foolish girlfriend’s confidence”, says the statement.

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